Add and manage Calendar events

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Add an event

To add a new event to Vivaldi Calendar:

  1. Open the event editor in one of the following ways:
    • In the main Calendar view, click on Add button New Event in the top left corner of the tab;
    • In the main Calendar view or in the Calendar Panel, click anywhere in the calendar, for example, on the time slot when the event is happening;
      If you’re using your keyboard to navigate in the Calendar, press Enter;
    • Type “New Calendar Event” in Quick Commands;
    • Highlight some text on a web page and select Add as Calendar Event from the right-click context menu.
    • Create a Keyboard Shortcut or Mouse Gesture for the action.
  2. In the event editor you can add the following information to events:
    • Title of the event;
    • Description and notes about the event;
    • Start and end time and options to convert the event into an all day event and change time zone for the event;
    • Option to convert the event into a task;
    • Location of the event;
    • Make the event recur at chosen intervals.
    • Link to additional information about the event.
    • Set browser alarms to notify you about the event at the event time and/or before.
    • Invite participants to the event;
      Invitations are sent via email and for that you need to have set up a mail account in the browser.
    • Change, to which calendar the event belongs to.
  3. When you’re finished filling in the information about the event, click Done or press Enter.

Edit mode

In Settings > Calendar > Calendar Settings > Edit mode you can select whether you want to edit events inside the calendar view (inline) with event information divided into tabs, but all surrounding events visible or in a popup dialog with all information about the new event visible simultaneously, but surrounding events hidden by the popup dialog.

Calendar's month view with inline event editor open
Inline event editor
Calendar's month view with popup event editor open
Popup event editor

For additional customization options check Calendar Settings.

Edit an event

To edit an event:

  1. Find the event in your calendar;
  2. Click on it to open the event editor.
    If you’re using your keyboard to navigate in the Calendar, press Enter;
  3. Make the changes;
  4. Click Done or press Enter.

In Calendar Settings, can also set clicking outside the event editor to Save any changes you made.

Share an event

First, make sure you’ve set a mail account for Calendar in Settings > Calendar > Calendar Settings > Calendar Mail Account, which will be used to send event invitation emails.

To invite participants to an event, in the event editor:

  1. Add the invitees’ email addresses to participants;
  2. Click Done or press Enter to save the event;
  3. The invitee will then get an email, which they can accept or decline;
  4. If they choose to share their attendance status with you, you’ll get a reply email. In the email message, click on Update Event in Calendar to update the participant’s status.

Open links from events

To open a web link in the description or URL field of the event, hold down the Ctrl / Cmd key and click on the link.

This option is available in Compact and Full displays, where more than a title of the event is shown. Learn more about event layout options here.

When you’re editing the event, you need to copy the URL to the Address field. Alternatively:

  1. Highlight the URL in the event editor;
  2. Hover the mouse cursor over the highlighted URL;
  3. Click and hold down the left mouse button and start dragging vertically;
  4. Then, while holding down the left mouse button, move the mouse to hover over  Open a new tab button on the Tab Bar.
  5. On releasing the mouse, a new tab will open with the link.

Delete an event

To delete an event:

  • Open the event and click Delete at the bottom of the event editor;
  • Right-click on an event and select Delete event.
  • Navigate to the event using your keyboard’s arrow keys, press Delete.

Restore a deleted event

If you accidentally deleted an event or just want to restore a recently deleted event:

  1. Open the main Calendar view;
  2. Click on Trashed Events in the top right corner of the tab;
  3. Click on the event you want to restore.

To restore the most recently deleted event, right-click on any of the timeslots in the Calendar and select Restore Event From Trash.

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