Store your account login credentials in the browser for faster browsing.

Saving passwords

To save a password for a site, log in to the account and click Save on the dialogue that appears at the bottom of the screen.
Click Never, if you don’t want to save the password for the site.

Save password dialogue

To toggle saving passwords on or off, open the Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu > Settings > Passwords and tap on the Save Passwords toggle.

Managing passwords

To view and manage your saved passwords, go to Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu > Settings > Passwords.

By tapping on the saved entry, you’ll see the site link, username and password with an option to copy them or delete the saved entry.
To view the password, enter your lock screen PIN/Pattern/Password/etc.


Saved password entry

Below the list of saved passwords is a list of sites that passwords won’t be saved on. To save a password on a site in the Never saved list, first remove it by selecting the entry and tapping on the Delete button Delete button and then login on the site again to get a prompt for saving the password.


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