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Tabs on Android

Android browser / Browsing the Web

Managing all your tabs in the mobile version of Vivaldi is as easy and efficient as on desktop. Tab Switcher To view your Tabs in the Tab Switcher, either: Tap on the Tab Switcher button on the right side of the bottom toolbar. Swipe down from the Address Bar. The number in the Tab Switcher […]

Tabs on iOS

iOS browser / Browsing the Web

Managing all your tabs in the mobile version of Vivaldi is as easy and efficient as on the desktop. Tab Switcher To view your Tabs in the Tab Switcher tap on the  Tab Switcher button in the bottom right corner. The number in the Tab Switcher button indicates how many Tabs you have open. Slide right/left to view […]

Opening and Closing Tabs

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

In Vivaldi, you can decide how you’d like to open, close and how to reopen recently closed Tabs. This article lists the options available to you. Opening Tabs There are several ways to open a new Tab: Click the New Tab button on the Tab Bar; Go to Vivaldi menu > File >  New Tab; […]

Pinned Tabs

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Pinning Tabs allow you to keep your most used tabs open and available in the same location, at all times. Pin a tab Right click on the tab and select Pin Tab; Type “Pin Tab” in Quick Commands; Set a custom Keyboard Shortcut or a Mouse Gesture for pinning tabs. To pin multiple tabs at […]

Tile Tabs for a split screen view

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Use Tab Tiling in Vivaldi to create a split screen view of your Tabs. Tiling Tabs To tile two or more tabs: Select the tabs by holding down the Ctrl/⌘ or Shift key and clicking on the tabs on the Tab Bar or Window Panel; Tile the tabs by: Right-clicking on one of the selected […]

Group tabs into Tab Stacks

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Tab Stacks let you group your browser tabs to avoid confusion and stay organised when you have several tabs open. In addition to the Tab Bar, tabs can also be managed in the Window Panel, in most cases, following the same instructions. Create a new Tab Stack Option 1 Click and start dragging one tab […]

Preview Tabs

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Previewing tabs lets you find the page you’re looking for easily by showing you a screenshot of the page in a thumbnail. Pop-up thumbnails To preview a tab, move your mouse pointer over the tab in the Tab Bar. A visual preview of the tab’s contents will appear below. This feature can be enabled/disabled in […]

Tabs and Windows

The handling of browser tabs and windows in Vivaldi is designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind. Open and close tabs Open and close windows Reopen recently closed tabs Clone tabs Group tabs Tile tabs Hibernate tabs Move tabs Cycle tabs Switch tabs Tab bar position Tab width   Opening and closing tabs There are […]

Organize Your Tabs Like a Pro with Vivaldi Browser: Tips and Tricks

Video tutorials / Vivaldi Desktop

In this video, we’ll explore various tips and strategies to help you organize your tabs efficiently, boost your productivity, and simplify your workflow.

Scroll Tabs on the horizontal Tab Bar

Video tutorials / Vivaldi Desktop

Navigate tabs by scrolling your mouse, or using the arrows on the left and right of the tabs. This is only for tabs on top and bottom, tabs on the sides have always been scrollable in Vivaldi.

Bug: Only when the tab panel is hidden, Ctrl+T opens two tabs and Ctrl+Tab skips a tab while tabbing through tabs

Vivaldi for Windows

My Vivaldi version: Vivaldi 4.1.2369.21 (Stable channel) (64-bit) Revision 65da8ddfd900d72e3ff8802da65c27b6e9996a54 OS Windows 10 OS Version 1809 (Build 17763.973) JavaScript V8 User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/92.0.4515.159 Safari/537.36 Command Line "C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe" --flag-switches-begin --flag-switches-end --origin-trial-disabled-features=SecurePaymentConfirmation --save-page-as-mhtml Executable Path C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe Profile Path C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default The problems: Ctrl+Tab skips [...]

By Trioke

New tab as tab stack with related tab not working with pinned tabs


Hi, I love having new tabs opened in tab stacks but for whatever reason this feature doesn't work on pinned tabs. When I have for example the as a tab then new tabs open in a newly created stack. However when I pin, new tabs, opened from it, open simply next to each [...]

By tonycamonte

Cycle tabs in tab order still broken (with pinned tabs and tab stack)

Vivaldi for Windows

Tab bar layout (Normal, Pinned, Stacked tabs): P P SSS N SSS N N N when cycled in tab order leads to following order: 1 2 346 5 78 10 9 11 12 instead of 1 2 345 6 78 9 10 11 12 in other words: before the last (third) tab in a stack [...]

By netwolf

All the tabs are unstacked when removing a tab from a Tab Stack

Vivaldi for macOS

I'm using ver. 4.1 and having a problem that when I remove a tab from a Tab Stack with three or more tabs stacked on it by mouse gesture, all the tabs are unstacked and lined up at the end of the tab bar even though I want to take out the only one tab. [...]

By ynym244

"Close right tabs" in a tab group also closes tabs outside the tab group

Vivaldi for Windows

If I have a tab group with a few tabs and some more tabs outside of this group (right of it), then clicking on "close right tabs" inside the tab group also closes all tabs right of this tab group. This should not happen, only the tabs inside the tab group should be closed. 3.7.2218.52 [...]

By diskostu

When tab bar is hidden, scrolling in tab cycler scrolls two tabs at once and creating new tab creates two new tabs

Vivaldi for Windows

Since updating to Vivaldi 4.1.2369.21 from 3.8 (so not too sure which exact version introduced the issues), the tab cycler skips every other tab when scrolling if the tab bar is hidden. Furthermore, using right-click + down mouse gesture to open a new tab when the tab bar is hidden creates two new tabs instead [...]

By daohengliu

Tile tabs tiles all tabs instead of selected tabs


Tile tabs tiles all tabs instead of selected tabs when I change orientation (vertical/horizontal). For example, tiling 2 tabs will tile 2 tabs but will then tile all 20 tabs when I select tile horizontally. This just happened recently so must be a regression bug? Vivaldi 4.3.2439.65 (Stable channel) (64-bit) Revision 422e3f53c5055d214398129edf198ce15d0fcdd7 OS Windows 10 [...]

By aashish108

Tab Stacking with vertical tabs causes tabs to disapeer


Quite a weird bug I'm experiencing, but with the newest stable update (5.6.2867.58 (Stable channel) (64-bit) whenever I use the stack feature only my pinned tabs show up on the vertical tab view. When I switch to top or bottom tabs they reappear, but when putting them on left or right all the non-pinned tabs [...]

By RaymondHolt

Clicking any link in a tabs in tab stack opens a new tab

Vivaldi for macOS

If I'm not in a tab stack, clicking on link exhibits the normal behavior of opening the link in the same tab. However when I'm in a tab in a tab stack, clicking on any link will open up a new tab in the tab stack. I tried changing different settings under "Tabs" but nothing [...]

By PianoMan1

Vertical tabs are scrolling when opening new tabs after the active tab


Pretty annoying new behavior of the tab bar since 5.1 stable. I have tab bar to the left and compact stacking. When opening a new tab the tab bar automatically scrolls down to put the new tab at the very top of the tab bar. I.e. it still puts the tab after active tab, as [...]

By carrep