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Tab Stacks let you group your browser tabs to avoid confusion and stay organised when you have several tabs open. Grouping tabs has never been easier.

Grouping tabs into a Tab Stack

  • To add Tabs to a stack one by one, drag a tab over another tab/Tab Stack until it becomes darker and drop it (see animation). Enable/disable Allow Stacking by Drag and Drop and adjust hover delay (to prevent accidental stacking) in Settings > Tabs > Tab Features > Tab Stacking.
  • If you want to group more tabs, select them on the Tab Bar or in the Window Panel using either the Ctrl or Shift key and select New Tab Stack with Selection (# Tabs) from right click context menu.
  • You can also stack tabs from the same host. Right click on one of the tabs and select Stack Tabs by Host (# of

Auto-stacking tabs

When enabled in Settings > Tabs > New Tab Position > As Tab Stack With Related Tabs, links opened in the active tab will automatically be added to a Tab Stack.

Removing Tabs from the Tab Stack

To remove a tab from the stack:

  • While the tab is active, right click on the Tab Stack and select Remove from Tab Stack.
  • Hover over the Tab Stack to display Tab Thumbnails and drag the thumbnail out from the Tab Stack to the Tab Bar.
  • In case tab thumbnails are disabled, hover the mouse cursor over the top edge of the tab and drag to remove it from the Tab Stack (see animation).
  • In the Window Panel, drag the tab out from the Tab Stack folder.

Unstacking Tabs

To ungroup the whole Tab Stack, right click on the Tab Stack on the Tab Bar or in the Window Panel and select Ungroup Tab Stack.

In Settings you can also assign Keyboard Shortcuts and a Mouse Gestures for ungrouping the Tab Stack and for removing the active tab from the Tab Stack.

Renaming Tab Stacks

  1. To give a Tab Stack a custom name, first, make sure Tab Stack renaming is enabled in Settings > Tabs > Tab Features > Tab Stacking > Allow Tab Stack Renaming.
  2. Then open the context menu on the Tab Bar or in the Window Panel with a right click on the Tab Stack > Rename Tab Stack > give it a new name. Alternatively, double click on the Tab Stack (tab minimizing needs to be disabled in Settings > Tabs > Tab Cycling).

Disabling Tab Stacking

In case you don’t use Tab Stacks and want to prevent accidental stacking, you can disable the feature from Settings > Tabs > Tab Features > Tab Stacking > untick Enable Tab Stacking.

Enable Tab Tiling to view all of the tabs in your Tab Stack at once in a grid or column view.

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