Security And Privacy

How to uninstall Vivaldi

This guide will explain how you can remove Vivaldi from your computer. Choose which operating system you are using and follow the appropriate steps below. Windows XP Close all Vivaldi windows and tabs and quit Vivaldi. Click the Start menu > Control Panel. Click Add or Remove Programs. Click Vivaldi. Click Change/Remove to uninstall Vivaldi. […]

Privacy Policy & Terms

Protecting user privacy is a top priority for us. For the most up to date privacy information, please refer to the links below. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.  Vivaldi Browser Privacy Policy End User License Agreement Third Party Search (Links to privacy policies for third party search engines included in Vivaldi) […]

Uninstall Vivaldi on Windows 10

If you have issues uninstalling Vivaldi while using Windows 10, Windows 10 provides two different UIs to add/remove programs: the old style UI, and a new modern look (see screenshots below). Only the older style UI will allow a non-admin user to uninstall a single user installed program. Older add/remove program Windows UI New add/remove programs UI in […]

Full Reset of Vivaldi

IMPORTANT This article is for advanced user: be aware that by following its implementation you will loose ALL your data (Vivaldi notes, bookmarks, etc) and settings (cache, history, themes, etc). In case you want to pursue and fully reset Vivaldi, make a back up of your computer data first. How to Reset Vivaldi settings Open vivaldi://about Make a note of […]