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How to add a Web Panel

Video tutorials / Vivaldi Desktop

This video shows how to add a new Web Panel in Vivaldi.

Download files from the web

Android browser / Tools

View the progress and history of your downloaded files in the Downloads Panel. Downloads Panel To view your downloads, tap on the Panels button on the left side of the bottom toolbar and swipe to the last panel. Instead of swiping you can also tap the Downloads button in the top menu. Sorting downloads To […]

Web Panels

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Web Panels are customisable Tabs which allow you to keep your favourite sites easily accessible in the side Panel of Vivaldi. Opening a Web Panel will allow you to simultaneously view its content alongside the tab(s) in your main window. Adding a new Web Panel Open the Panel area either by clicking the Show Panel icon on the left side […]

Full reset of Vivaldi

Desktop browser / Installing and Updating

In this article we’ll show you how to backup your data and fully reset the Vivaldi browser. IMPORTANT This article is for advanced users. Following the steps described here will result in losing all your Vivaldi data (Notes, Bookmarks, Web Panels, etc.) and settings, such as cache, history, themes and so on. If you want to […]


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The main side Panel of Vivaldi gives you quick access to a number of important tools in Vivaldi, including: Bookmarks, Downloads, Notes,  History, Window Panel and Web Panels. Clicking on any of these tools will expand the side bar and allow you to view and interact with them in a split screen with your main browser […]

Customize application and context menus

Desktop browser / Appearance and Customization

In Vivaldi, you can customize the commands in the main application menu as well as in the user interface and web page context menus. Reorder, add or remove actions to make menus fit your workflow. Edit menus To edit menus: Go to Settings > Appearance > Menu > Menu customization; Select which menu you want to edit; […]

Troubleshooting issues on Android

Android browser / Troubleshooting and reporting issues

When you encounter an issue and you’re trying to determine whether you can fix it yourself or need to report a bug, follow the steps below. Remember that in many cases it’s important to reload the web page for any changes to take effect. Restart the app Sometimes the simplest things help, so exit the […]

Three things to try right away

Video tutorials / Vivaldi Desktop

New to Vivaldi? You’re in the right place. This tutorial covers three basic features in the browser that will help you start exploring.

How to post on Instagram from your computer

Video tutorials / Vivaldi Desktop

In this video, we show you step-by-step how to post on Instagram from your computer with Vivaldi browser.

Vivaldi, Web-Panels, Audio, Netflix.

Vivaldi for Linux

Web-Panels & Streaming Audio: I was a bit slow to understand web-panels, but for the last few SS's I've been using them LOTS ... they greatly extend V's utility, versatility, & "feel-good factor" for me. One of the sites now living in my panel is Mainly I use it only to read the playlist [...]

By Steffie

Custom Web Panels disappear after closing and reopening Vivaldi

Vivaldi for Windows

Hi, I just got into Vivaldi (love it so far), as I am customizing it to my liking I tried custom panels. As I was done with my session for the day I closed Vivaldi down, then reopened it and my custom web panels were gone. This issue keeps reoccurring each time I close it [...]

By Zejn

Vivaldi not saving recently added web panels after close

Vivaldi for Windows

Sometimes Vivaldi does not save recently added web panels after closing the browser(really annoying) Version: 3.8.2238.3 (Official Build) (64-bit) OS: Windows 10 OS Version 2009 (Build 19042.870) Steps to reproduce: Add any site to the web panel, sometimes it won't be saved after closing the browser

By Wrongmanmango

Got restricted on Instagram after using Vivaldi's web panels lmfao

Vivaldi for Windows

Yea, was pleased to find out I could use this browser's web panels to upload pics (but pics only, not video oh well). Few days after using Vivaldi got a notice from Instagram prohibiting me from posting, commenting, liking, even adding or unfollowing other accounts wow wtf! The reason? According to Instagram it was obvious [...]

By tinago

3.8.2238.3 Vivaldi web panels cannot be removed.

Vivaldi for Linux

Snapshot 3.8.2238.3 (Official Build) (64-bit) How can I remove the 2 new vivaldi help and forum web panels? If removed or hidden from view they reappear upon restart.

By CantankRus