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Vivaldi Social is a Mastodon instance aka server run by Vivaldi. Like many other instances you can follow people on your own instance, but also from many other open instances and vice versa, you can have followers from Vivaldi Social, but also from most other instances.

Content from people you follow, from people on Vivaldi Social and people on other instances is divided into few different timelines.

Pages and timelines


Posts in chronological order from people you follow will appear on the Home page. From the page settings you can toggle on and off Boosts and Replies.


In the Local timeline, most recent public posts from people, who have an account on Vivaldi Social are listed.


Federated timeline shows most recent public posts from people on Vivaldi Social as well as from other instances of the decentralized network that are known to Vivaldi Social.


Great place to discover popular content from both Vivaldi Social and other instances. You can check out trending posts, hashtags and news. For you view lists profiles of people that are recommended for you. They can be from the Vivaldi Social instance, but can be from elsewhere as well.

Direct messages

By changing the post’s privacy settings you can make posts visible to only the mentioned people – turning them into direct messages. These discussions will be shown on your Home feed as well, but to see only private conversation, go to the Direct messages page.


Favorites are the same as likes or upvotes on other social media sites. On Vivaldi Social, you can let the poster know that you like their post, by clicking on the Favorite button below their post. All posts liked by you will show up on the Favorites page.


To save posts for later, you can Bookmark them. They’re collected on the Bookmarks page in the order you bookmarked them.


You can group people you follow into various groups called lists. To create a list and add people:

  1. Go to Lists page.
  2. Enter a name in the New list title field and click Add List.
  3. Click on the newly created list.
  4. Click on Show Settings in the top right corner.
  5. Click on Edit list.
  6. Click on Search among people you follow and start typing names of people you want to add to the list.
  7. When an account is found, click on Add to list next to their name.
  8. Click outside the pop up window when you’re done editing the list.

Search for content and people

To search anything on Vivaldi Social and the larger Mastodon Fediverse, type your search term in the search field in the top left corner of the page. In case you’ve added Vivaldi Social as a Web Panel or access it from a mobile device, go to the # Explore page to find the search field. When you enter only simple text, posts, hashtags, users and everything else matching the search term will be shown in results. To narrow your search you can use the following filters:

  • Add a # in front of the search word to find hashtags.
  • With the format @username@domain you can look for users.
  • If you know the user’s profile link you can just enter it into the search field to find the user you’re looking for.
  • If you have a post link, you can enter it into the search field to load the post.

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