Mute and block accounts, boosts, and notifications on Vivaldi Social

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Vivaldi Social, like any social media platform, is full of people posting on a multitude of topics at various intervals. If some accounts post too much or you don’t care for the content of their posts, you have the option to mute the account or block them outright.

Mute an account

To stop seeing posts from a user and posts that mention them:

  1. Click on ⋯ More below one of their posts or on︙Menu on their profile.
  2. Select Mute [@username].
  3. Choose for how long you want to mute them (from 5 minutes to 7 days or indefinitely) and whether you still want to receive notifications from them.
  4. Click Mute.

When you mute someone, you won’t see their content, but they’ll still be able to follow and interact with your account and posts. If you don’t want that, consider blocking the account.

Mute boosts

If you like seeing a user’s own posts, but don’t want to see the content they boost:

  1. Click on︙Menu on their profile.
  2. Select Hide boosts from [@username].

Mute notification

Did you make a post that’s gaining traction and now you’re flooded with notifications about comments and boosts? (Temporarily) muting notifications can let you browse in peace, while the discussion is still ongoing. To mute the notifications for the post:

  1. Click on ⋯ More below your post.
  2. Select Mute conversation.

For additional notification settings, go to the Notifications page and click on Show settings at the top of the page to adjust your preferences.

Block an account

To hide an account’s content and prevent it from following and interacting with you:

  1. Click on ⋯ More below one of their posts or on︙Menu on their profile.
  2. Select Block [@username].
  3. Click Block to confirm your decision.

Block an instance

If you’ve noticed that some Mastodon instance has a lot of users you’d like to block, you can block the whole instance instead of blocking accounts one by one. Blocking an instance will hide all content from all users on that domain and remove all followers you have from that instance. Use this option as a last resort, as you might miss posts from great users, who just happen to be on the same instance.

To block an instance:

  1. Click on︙Menu on one of the profiles.
  2. Select Block domain [domain name].

View muted and blocked accounts

To see who you’ve muted and blocked:

  1. Click on︙Menu on your own profile.
  2. Select Muted users, Blocked users, or Blocked domains.