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Posts on Vivaldi Social are limited to 1337 characters. If you need more space to express your ideas, you can create a post on your blog on and have it automatically shared on Vivaldi Social.

To start publishing your blog posts on Vivaldi Social:

  1. Log in to your blog’s account on
  2. Go to the blog’s Dashboard.
  3. From the menu on the left side, go to Settings > ActivityPub.
  4. Review and adjust the settings.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Few things to note.

There is a small delay between when a new post gets published on and when it shows up on Vivaldi Social. To speed up the process, enter the blog post’s link in Vivaldi Social’s search field and press Enter.

The blog posts are not published from your main Vivaldi account, but they’ll get their own blog account with the user handle @[email protected]. For example, @[email protected] will show posts from

Also, blog posts won’t show up in the Local or Federated timelines, so make sure to Boost your blog posts from your main account and ask your followers to follow the blog’s account on Vivaldi Social, so they’d see new posts on their Home timeline.

If you delete a blog post on, it will not be deleted from Vivaldi Social

Search and follow Vivaldi Blogs on Vivaldi Social

To see whether your favorite bloggers on are sharing their content on Vivaldi Social, search for their user handle (@[email protected]) in Vivaldi Social. When their account shows up in search results, you can follow that account to see their latest posts and engage with them.

Post discussion

Comments left on the blog post on Vivaldi Social will show up below the post both on Vivaldi Social and Your main account on Vivaldi Social will not be notified about any comments, so make sure to check the post or your blog on

Comments left on the blog post on will not be displayed on Vivaldi Social.