Translate posts on Vivaldi Social

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Vivaldi Social brings together speakers of many languages. While it’s fascinating to know what people are up to in various parts of the world, it can be challenging if you don’t speak their language.

To help you cross language barriers, Vivaldi Social uses the translation service powered by Lingvanex, a service familiar to those who use the Vivaldi browser.

Translate posts

Posts on Vivaldi Social will be translated to the language you’ve chosen for your user interface. You can change the user interface language in Preferences > Appearance > Interface language.

To translate content:

  1. Find a post on Vivaldi Social you want to translate.
  2. Click on the Translate button below the post.
  3. Click on Show original, to revert to the original text.

If a post is in a different language, but you don’t see an option to translate it, then the post’s author hasn’t set the correct language for their post. In that case, you can use the built-in translator in the Vivaldi Browser to translate the post.

Make your posts translatable

To make sure your posts are translatable, always make sure you’ve chosen a matching language for your post’s text.

Set a default posting language:

  1. Go to Preferences > Other > Posting defaults > Posting language.
  2. Choose the language you post in most.

If you’re posting in a different language from your default, change the language settings in the post editor:

  1. Below the text field, click on the current language code (for example, ).
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the language you’re posting in.