Follow people and content on Vivaldi Social

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Since there are no algorithms on Vivaldi Social and on Mastodon in general that show content based on your usage, you need to follow people and tags to build up a feed 100% curated by you. Thanks to the federated nature of Mastodon, you can follow accounts from any Mastodon instance with your account on Vivaldi Social.

Follow accounts

To follow accounts on Vivaldi Social:

Option 1

  1. Open the profile of the account you want to follow.
  2. Click on the Follow button on their profile, below the cover image on the right side.

Option 2

  1. Search for the username (@Username@InstanceName) of the account you want to follow.
  2. In search results, click on Follow next to the name.

Follow tags

In addition to user accounts you can also follow tags.

To follow a tag:

  1. Click on a tag (e.g. #Vivaldi, #Caturday, #PhotoMonday) in one of the posts that includes it or search for the tag.
  2. Browse recent posts that use the tag and see whether you want to see similar posts in your Home feed.
  3. Click on Follow in the top right corner of the page.

Follow Vivaldi Social content with Feeds

If you’re using Vivaldi Feeds or any other feed reader, you can get new posts delivered straight to your feeds client.

To subscribe to content with Vivaldi Feeds:

  1. Make sure that Mail, Calendar and Feeds have been enabled in Settings > General > Productivity Features.
  2. In Vivaldi Social, open the profile or tag page you want to follow.
  3. Add .rss to the end of the page URL.
    For example, or
  4. Press Enter to open the link and see a preview of the feed.
  5. Click Subscribe below the page title.
  6. Review and, if needed, edit the feed’s title and update frequency.
  7. Click Add Feed.

If you use a different feed reader, copy the link with .rss at the end and add it to your feed reader using the client’s instructions.