Widevine CDM (for EME/DRM support)

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Widevine is a “Content Decryption Module” (CDM) that provides Vivaldi with support for Encrypted Media Extensions (EME). EME are a form of Digital rights management (DRM) that are required by many, popular audio/video streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Tidal, etc.).

Testing support

To test Widevine support, go to demo.castlabs.com and attempt to play the videos that are tagged with “DRM”.

Installing Widevine

If DRM videos will not play:

  1. Open vivaldi://components
  2. Locate: “Widevine Content Decryption Module”
  3. Click “Check for updates”


If the DRM test video will still not play, file a bug report stating that you cannot play proprietary media. Mention your Operating System (including architecture and version).