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Status Bar Clock

Desktop browser / Tools

In the bottom right corner of the browser on the Status Bar is a clock, telling you the current time and allowing you to set reminders. Customizing the clock To change the look of the clock, right-click on the clock button and select whether you want to: Display the date; Display seconds, in addition to […]

Edit Toolbars

Desktop browser / Appearance and Customization

Vivaldi is all about customization. Editing toolbars is one of the customization tools that allow you to tailor the browser to your needs. Move buttons To move buttons on the Toolbars hold down the Shift key and drag the button to the new location. In addition to changing the order of buttons on the same Toolbar, […]

Address Bar

Desktop browser / Navigation

Vivaldi browser’s Address Bar is home to a lot more than just the URL field and basic navigation buttons. Continue reading to get to know all the available options that help you navigate the web. What’s on the Address Bar? History back and forward Click on the arrow pointing left to return to the previous […]

Bookmark Bar

Desktop browser / Bookmarks and Speed Dial

In Vivaldi you can manage your Bookmarks from the Bookmark Panel, Bookmark Manager, Bookmark Bar and Bookmark Menu. In this article we’ll focus on the Bookmark Bar. Showing the Bookmark Bar To display the Bookmark Bar: Go to Settings > Bookmarks > Bookmark Bar and tick the box for Show Bookmark Bar; Use a Keyboard […]

Status Bar

Desktop browser / Appearance and Customization

What’s on the Status Bar? Vivaldi’s Status Bar is located at the bottom of Vivaldi’s window allowing you to: Show or hide Panel  is located on the far left of the status bar. Turn Break Mode on/off. Shortcut to Sync settings is the cloud icon right next to the Panel toggle. Page info will display the current […]


Desktop browser / Appearance and Customization

The placement and appearance of Toolbars can be customised in Vivaldi. User Interface Zoom allows you to alter the size of Toolbars. The position of the Address Bar and Bookmarks Bar within the UI can also be customised by adjusting settings within their respective sections in Settings. Adjusting the size of Toolbars Go to Settings > Appearance. […]

Share pages to other apps

Android browser / Browsing the Web

Share a page link to another app To share page links: Have the page open. Tap on Vivaldi menu > Share.Alternatively, tap on the Address Bar > Share. Select the app you want to share to. Follow the directions in the chosen app. The menu fits 4 apps on the main screen. Swipe left to […]

Troubleshooting and debugging Vivaldi Mail

Mail / Advanced options

If there’s something odd going in your mail client there are a few things you can do in order to check for errors. Check the console log for errors Make sure your Mail tab is open (this is important since you won’t get the right errors otherwise), In a new tab open vivaldi:inspect#apps, Look for […]

Import mail and contacts from Opera M2

Mail / Advanced options

If you’ve been using Opera’s old mail client M2, you can import your mail and contacts from there to Vivaldi. Go to Vivaldi menu > File > Import Applications or Files. Select Opera 12.x. Choose whether you want to import all browser data or just Mail. Click Start Import. When done, click Close. Depending on […]

Translate web pages on your phone

Android browser / Tools

With Vivaldi Translate, you can translate full web pages with just a click of a button. No Extensions needed. Translate a web page When a website you’re viewing is in a language different from your browser’s user interface language, Vivaldi offers to translate it for you. A banner will be shown just above the bottom […]

Bookmarks bar above address bar

Vivaldi for Windows

Is it possible to customize bars position, so that bookmarks bar is placed above address bar?

By HikariWS

Vivaldi Bars {bookmark bar}

Vivaldi for Windows

Below the Address Bar, a small bar appears which I don't seem to be able to get rid of. If I have successfully added the picture, it is the bar withe the "Vivaldi Game" logo. Any help appreciated re getting rid of this useless feature.

By jfh

Status bar is below tab bar

Vivaldi for Windows

Status bar is below the tab bar when tabs are set to bottom, it used to be the other way around. How can i swap this back?

By alexileki

Missing address bar and tab bar

Vivaldi for Windows

Hi, I know I'm not the first to ask this on this forum, but the solution did not work for me. They should be showing in the settings but toggling them on and off does not help, tried reinstalling vivaldi and the bugger even opened up the tabs I had open when the bars disappeared. [...]

By kiki69

Address bar and search bar have disappeared.

Vivaldi for Windows

Address bar and search bar have disappeared. Tried all suggestions, rebooting computer as well uninstall reinstall..can't find a solution ..please help

By Razmtaz

When I logged in, a Bar appeared to me above the pages bar

Vivaldi for Windows

Sorry for the spam, but when I logged in, a Bar appeared to me above the pages bar, and I cannot hide it .. can you tell me how can I hide it? modedit shortened title, moved parts in text body

By anna202

Integrate address bar with tab bar

Vivaldi for macOS

I want to simplify the appearance, can I integrate the address bar and the tab bar? It may look more concise.

By arjenzhou

White bar under the address bar on the bottom

Vivaldi on Android

I use Galaxy S20 with a hole-punch camera. So I can't really show it on a screenshot, but when I hide status bar, Vivaldi fills the top of the screen with white color. Vivaldi content starts right under the hole-punch camera. This is annoying, especially when the content on top is black. Another, similar thing: [...]

By gahaalt

BUG: Hide / Toggle Tab bar: Mutates Title bar size & color, search field missing, tab bars on other windows missing

Vivaldi for Windows

BUG REPORT Action to reproduce: Hide / Toggle Tab bar (I have this bound to F3, and expect it to work like F4 to toggle the downloads, etc "Panel" which has none of these side effects.) Expectation: that only and nothing but the tab bar on the current window is toggled and hidden, not a [...]

By landon

Windows tab bar over Vivaldi tab bar.

Support & Troubleshooting

I don't know what I did, but now the windows tab bar is over the Vivaldi tab bar. Can somebody help me undo this?

By Throw4w4y4ccount