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Edit Toolbars

Desktop browser / Appearance and Customization

Vivaldi is all about customization. Editing toolbars is one of the customization tools that allow you to tailor the browser to your needs. Move or hide toolbars Tab Bar To change the Tab Bar’s location: Go to Settings > Tabs > Tab Bar Position. Choose your preferred location for the Tab Bar: Top, Left, Right, Bottom. […]

Clock on the Toolbar

Desktop browser / Tools

Using the clock, you can set alarms and countdowns or just keep an eye on the time. Add the clock to a toolbar Using the Toolbar Editor, you can add a clock to any of the browser’s toolbars. Right-click on, for example, the Status Bar and select Edit > Customize Toolbar. If needed, select Status […]

Address Bar

Desktop browser / Navigation

Vivaldi browser’s Address Bar is home to a lot more than just the URL field and basic navigation buttons. Continue reading to get to know all the available options that help you navigate the web. What’s on the Address Bar? History back and forward Click on the arrow pointing left to return to the previous […]

Bookmark Bar

Desktop browser / Bookmarks and Speed Dial

In Vivaldi you can manage your Bookmarks from the Bookmark Panel, Bookmark Manager, Bookmark Bar and Bookmark Menu. In this article we’ll focus on the Bookmark Bar. Showing the Bookmark Bar To display the Bookmark Bar: Go to Settings > Bookmarks > Bookmark Bar and tick the box for Show Bookmark Bar; Use a Keyboard […]

Status Bar

Desktop browser / Appearance and Customization

What’s on the Status Bar? Vivaldi’s Status Bar is located at the bottom of Vivaldi’s window allowing you to: Show or hide Panel bar. Ctrl + click to toggle on/off floating panel. Turn Break Mode on/off. Shortcut to Sync. Check Mail status for latest messages, accounts connection status’ and logs. Check Calendar status for upcoming events, accounts’ […]


Desktop browser / Appearance and Customization

The placement and appearance of Toolbars can be customised in Vivaldi. User Interface Zoom allows you to alter the size of Toolbars. The position of the Address Bar and Bookmarks Bar within the UI can also be customised by adjusting settings within their respective sections in Settings. Adjusting the size of Toolbars Go to Settings > Appearance. […]

Cross language barriers on Vivaldi Social

Video tutorials / Vivaldi services

Vivaldi’s translation tools are a great fit for Social media. Letting you easily translate a short post on the fly with either the Panel or Pop-up!

Reading List ready in Vivaldi’s sidebar.

Video tutorials / Vivaldi Desktop

The Reading List Panel lets you view and manage the stories you wish to read, from the browser’s sidebar.

The Privacy Statistics Bar gives a reality check

Video tutorials / Vivaldi Desktop

The Privacy Statistics Bar shows the collective tracking information of all the trackers and ads.

Scroll Tabs on the horizontal Tab Bar

Video tutorials / Vivaldi Desktop

Navigate tabs by scrolling your mouse, or using the arrows on the left and right of the tabs. This is only for tabs on top and bottom, tabs on the sides have always been scrollable in Vivaldi.

Search Bar doubled in both Nav Bar and Status Bar - can't remove

Vivaldi for Windows

Hi again all - back with another problem. (sorry) I wanted to move my search bar down to the status bar, so from the toolbar editor I did that. I went back up to the original search bar in the navigation field and discovered there is no where to rt click on it to bring [...]

By jaunny

Vivaldi Bars {bookmark bar}

Vivaldi for Windows

Below the Address Bar, a small bar appears which I don't seem to be able to get rid of. If I have successfully added the picture, it is the bar withe the "Vivaldi Game" logo. Any help appreciated re getting rid of this useless feature.

By jfh

Status bar is below tab bar

Vivaldi for Windows

Status bar is below the tab bar when tabs are set to bottom, it used to be the other way around. How can i swap this back?

By alexileki

New Bar Showing Up Under Address Bar

Vivaldi for Windows

Unless I have just missed it previously, now I'm seeing a new bar appearing under my address bar. It has several webpage icon's showing on the bar & the only way I could get rid of them was to delete them one at a time, my next question is am I able to remove that [...]

By Davy49

Bookmark Bar Folders in Address Bar


I would like to know how to sort the Bookmark Bar Folders by TITLE. Every time I save a bookmark from the address bar all the bookmark folders are not sorted by title which makes it very confusing and more time wasted to find the desired folder that you want to save that bookmark in. [...]

By bkhawaja

BUG: Hide / Toggle Tab bar: Mutates Title bar size & color, search field missing, tab bars on other windows missing

Vivaldi for Windows

BUG REPORT Action to reproduce: Hide / Toggle Tab bar (I have this bound to F3, and expect it to work like F4 to toggle the downloads, etc "Panel" which has none of these side effects.) Expectation: that only and nothing but the tab bar on the current window is toggled and hidden, not a [...]

By landon

Navigation Bar and Status Bar Gone after update

Vivaldi for Windows

After Updating the Navigation Bar will not show up.. Shutting down and resetting do nothing. Status bar is also missing.

By Leeclay

Windows tab bar over Vivaldi tab bar.


I don't know what I did, but now the windows tab bar is over the Vivaldi tab bar. Can somebody help me undo this?

By Throw4w4y4ccount

Empty line between bottom bar and navigation bar

Vivaldi for Android

It's also there in the dark theme, but completely black.

By TheQuantumAlpha

move bookmarks bar to the left of the url-bar

Vivaldi for Windows

Hello, I have the following question: Is it somehow possible to put the bookmarks bar not below but to the left of the url-bar? In Firefox, this customization is completely simple and easy to do via drag and drop, but here I can't do it. Even in the new toolbar editor its not possible. Its [...]

By devarion