Clock on the Toolbar

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Using the clock, you can set alarms and countdowns or just keep an eye on the time.

Add the clock to a toolbar

Using the Toolbar Editor, you can add a clock to any of the browser’s toolbars.

  1. Right-click on, for example, the Status Bar and select Edit > Customize Toolbar.
  2. If needed, select Status Toolbar from the dropdown menu above the buttons.
  3. Locate the Clock in the selection of toolbar buttons.
  4. Drag it to a toolbar you want to display the clock on.
  5. Click Done.

Customizing the clock

To change the look of the clock, right-click on the clock button and select whether you want to:

  • Display the date.
  • Display seconds, in addition to hours and minutes.
  • Change the button style to show either:
    • Image and text,
    • Image only, or
    • Text only.
  • Change the label style to show either:
    • the Name, or
    • Time only.
  • Play a notification sound.
Status Bar Clock's open menu

To change the location of the clock, hold down the Ctrl / key and drag the clock to your desired location.

Setting an Alarm

To set a new alarm:

  1. Click on the clock.
  2. Select Alarm.
  3. Choose from preset alarms or create a new one by setting the time and giving it a name.
  4. Click Start.

Starting a Countdown

To start a new countdown:

  1. Click on the clock.
  2. Select Countdown.
  3. Choose from preset timers or create a new one by setting the time and giving it a name.
  4. Click Start.

Creating presets

To create a preset alarm or countdown that you can reuse:

  1. Create a new alarm or countdown by setting the time and giving it a name.
  2. Click Save Preset.
    If you want to also start the same alarm/countdown, make sure to click Save Preset before clicking Start.

Deleting timers

To delete either a preset, an ongoing timer or a past timer, click on the Close button button on the right side of the timer’s name. In case you accidentally deleted a preset, you’ll need to set it up again.