History in Vivaldi on iOS

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View a list of websites you’ve visited in Vivaldi’s History Panel.

History Panel

Open the History Panel by tapping on the Panel toggle button Panel button on the left side of the bottom toolbar and tap on the History button History option on the menu.

The websites will be listed chronologically in descending order (most recent first). Tap on the entry to visit the page again.

Searching History

To search for a history item, tap on the Search button Search field and enter the search term.

Deleting History

To delete your browsing history:

  1. Open the History Panel and tap on  Clear Browsing Data in the bottom left corner.
    Alternatively, open Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi menu > Settings > Privacy and security > Clear browsing data.
  2. Pick a time range.
  3. Make sure the option for Browsing History is ticked.
  4. Tap Clear browsing Data.

To delete a single history entry:

  1. Open the History Panel.
  2. Long press on the entry you want to remove.
  3. Select Delete from the context menu.

Use Search to filter out the visited pages you want to delete.