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The main side Panel of Vivaldi gives you quick access to a number of important tools in Vivaldi, including: Bookmarks, Reading List, Downloads,  Notes,  History, Window Panel, Translate, Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Feeds, Contacts, and Web Panels. Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Feeds and Contacts panels are available only when Mail, Calendar and Feeds have been enabled in […]


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Workspaces allow you to quickly group tabs for pages related to various topics, such as work, research, shopping, or school, in the same window. Once you have made a set of workspaces, moving between them is easy; using either the menu button or shortcuts. Add a Workspace To add a new workspace: The workspace is […]

Tab Features

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

In Vivaldi, you are in control of tabs from the word go. This article lists important options that determine how your tabs behave. Grouping tabs into Tab Stacks To learn about Tab Stacks in Vivaldi, take a look at the Help page that describes the feature in depth here. Cycling tabs To cycle through your […]

Opening and Closing Tabs

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

In Vivaldi, you can decide how you’d like to open, close and how to reopen recently closed Tabs. This article lists the options available to you. Opening Tabs There are several ways to open a new Tab: Click the New Tab button on the Tab Bar; Go to Vivaldi menu > File >  New Tab; […]

Pinned Tabs

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Pinning Tabs allow you to keep your most used tabs open and available in the same location, at all times. Pin a tab Right click on the tab and select Pin Tab; Type “Pin Tab” in Quick Commands; Set a custom Keyboard Shortcut or a Mouse Gesture for pinning tabs. To pin multiple tabs at […]

Tile Tabs for a split screen view

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Use Tab Tiling in Vivaldi to create a split screen view of your Tabs. Tiling Tabs To tile two or more tabs: Select the tabs by holding down the Ctrl/⌘ or Shift key and clicking on the tabs on the Tab Bar or Window Panel; Tile the tabs by: Right-clicking on one of the selected […]

Group tabs into Tab Stacks

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Tab Stacks let you group your browser tabs to avoid confusion and stay organised when you have several tabs open. In addition to the Tab Bar, tabs can also be managed in the Window Panel, in most cases, following the same instructions. Create a new Tab Stack Option 1 Click and start dragging one tab […]

Starting Vivaldi

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Startup options for Vivaldi are configured in Settings > Startup > Startup with section. Last Session With this option selected, the browser will open with the Tabs and Windows that were open last time you closed Vivaldi; When the browser is set to open with the last session, a good option to make it go faster […]

Tab Bar

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Tab Bar visibility To toggle the visibility of the Tab Bar, use one of the following options: Tab Bar position The Tab Bar can be located on any side of the browser window. To change the position: Tab Bar Appearance To apply an accent color to the Tab Bar: From Settings > Themes > Editor […]

Download and Install Vivaldi on desktop

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Depending on the operating system you’re on, installing Vivaldi may differ a little. Installation options Click on Advanced in the top right corner of the installer window to reveal various options. Language Choose the language you want the browser’s user interface to be in. The chosen language will also be used as the default translation […]