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Starting Vivaldi

Desktop browser / Navigation

Startup options for Vivaldi are configured in Settings > Startup > Startup with section. Last Session With this option selected, the browser will open with the Tabs and Windows that were open last time you closed Vivaldi; When the browser is set to open with the last session, a good option to make it go faster […]

Tab Bar

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Tab Bar visibility To toggle the visibility of the Tab Bar, use one of the following options: Tab Bar position The Tab Bar can be located on any side of the browser window. To change the position: Tab Bar Appearance To apply an accent color to the Tab Bar: From Settings > Themes > Editor […]

Download and Install Vivaldi on desktop

Desktop browser / Installing and Updating

Depending on the operating system you’re on, installing Vivaldi may differ a little. Installation options Click on Advanced in the top right corner of the installer window to reveal various options. Language Choose the language you want the browser’s user interface to be in. The chosen language will also be used as the default translation […]

Make Vivaldi the default browser on desktop

Desktop browser / Installing and Updating

To make Vivaldi the default browser: In case you see Vivaldi is set as your default browser instead of Set as Default button in General settings, then Vivaldi already is your default browser. Default browser check on startup When Vivaldi isn’t your default browser, every time you open the browser you’ll be asked whether you […]

Troubleshooting issues on iOS

iOS browser / Troubleshooting and reporting issues

When you encounter an issue and you’re trying to determine whether you can fix it yourself or need to report a bug, follow the steps below. Remember that in many cases it’s important to reload the web page or restart the app for any changes to take effect. Restart the app Sometimes the simplest things […]

Add and manage mail accounts

Mail / Getting started

Enable the mail client To use Vivaldi Mail, make sure you’ve enabled Mail, Calendar and Feeds from Settings > General > Productivity Features. On a brand new installation or in a new User Profile, choose the “Browser, Mail, and Calendar” option in the welcome flow. Add an account To add your first mail account to Vivaldi Mail: To add more […]

Edit Toolbars

Desktop browser / Appearance and Customization

Vivaldi is all about customization. Editing toolbars is one of the customization tools that allow you to tailor the browser to your needs. Move or hide toolbars Tab Bar To change the Tab Bar’s location: Go to Settings > Tabs > Tab Bar Position. Choose your preferred location for the Tab Bar: Top, Left, Right, Bottom. […]


Desktop browser / Tools

Use Settings to customise the look of the browser, log in to your Vivaldi account to synchronise your browser data, review privacy settings and much more. Accessing Vivaldi Settings There are multiple ways to access Settings in Vivaldi: Click the Settings  button on the bottom of the side Panel; Open the Vivaldi Menu > Settings; […]


Desktop browser / Tools

Vivaldi browser lets you search the web any way you like. Here’s how. Search in the Address Field Search in the Search Field Another option is to search the web using the Search Field on the Address Bar. To switch between Search Engines, click on the Change Search Engine button on the left side of […]

Increase font size in panel window

Vivaldi for Linux

I like to run social media in the panel window but cannot read the small font. Neither the interface zoom function nor the webpage zoom function affect the panel window. How can I increase the font size here because I would really like to use it but it is useless to me like this. Thanks.

By krv1

Reordering Tabs In the Window Panel Is All Weird

Vivaldi for Windows

For the last couple weeks or so, I have a weird issue with reordering tabs using the Window panel. When I drag and drop tab #1 below tab #2, it will stay above tab #2 (unless it's the last tab on the list- then it might go below tab #2). I need to drag it [...]

By Muroj

Issues when dragging tabs in the window panel


As shown in the above gif, when I try to drag multiple tabs to a tab group, I am unable to do so successfully and instead, a new start page is created. Dragging between the tabs in a tab group could work, but still not convinient enough. (By the way, I have also noticed that [...]

By MoyF

How Can I Move the Window Panel to the Left?


I have my tabs on the left and my sidebar on the right. Is there a way to move just the window panel to the left so that I can try using that instead of the tab bar?

By livejamie

Mail disappears from panel when opening new window

Vivaldi for Windows

Open new window, can't see mail in panel or status bar. Open editor shows that its there. Close editor its gone again. Remove and replace again from editor still not there. Vivaldi 6.2.3

By jaunny

Different Panel Toolbar configurations for different windows

Vivaldi for Windows

Feature request - Different Panel Toolbar configurations for different windows - or - alternately, allow to toggle Panel Toolbar on/off and set that configuration at the window level (per window). What I'm trying to achieve: The email in it's own window, with little to no toolbar items.

By Shoham

The Window panel has inconsistency between bolded and highlighted tabs

Vivaldi for macOS

If I opened a new tab from the bookmarks, then the active tab will be the new tab (Google in the below image), and it is bolded, while the highlighted tab is still the old one (Downloads Settings in the below image), which makes me confused and always can't focus on the correct tab. I [...]

By liangyanxiao

Too long words: WORK SPACE in panel Window

Vivaldi for Windows

Problem with words: work space before name of work space, eg. "work space learning - python". In panel called Window, I see only words: "work space", but i can't see the rest of name (to see it i have to enlarge Panel). My suggestion: maybe first there should be a name given by the user, [...]

By helixo

Blank screen on tab close with window panel


I want to start using the Window Panel as my only tab manager, as it allows managing tabs for multiple windows from one window's panel. But there's one major drawback. When you close a tab from the Window Panel, instead of activating another tab, Vivaldi just shows a blank screen until you manually select another [...]

By DannyRomano

Web panel stealing focus while typing in main window

Vivaldi for Windows

While typing in a text box in the main window or even the address field, the side panel I have opened would steal focus. I have to click back in the main window many times to finish my typing. I begin noticing this problem since Vivaldi 2.0. It has continue to be a problem in [...]

By thangcuoi