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Notes Panel

Desktop browser / Tools

Take notes, adding a description and even screenshots to the notes while surfing the web with the Vivaldi browser. Add your thoughts and ideas to any sites you visit using Vivaldi Notes. View Notes Find and edit your notes from the Notes Panel located on the side of the browser window. You can also use Keyboard Shortcuts […]

Tabs and Windows

The handling of browser tabs and windows in Vivaldi is designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind. Open and close tabs Open and close windows Reopen recently closed tabs Clone tabs Group tabs Tile tabs Hibernate tabs Move tabs Cycle tabs Switch tabs Tab bar position Tab width   Opening and closing tabs There are […]


Desktop browser / Panels

The main side Panel of Vivaldi gives you quick access to a number of important tools in Vivaldi, including: Bookmarks, Reading List, Downloads,  Notes,  History, Window Panel, Translate, Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Feeds, Contacts, and Web Panels. Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Feeds and Contacts panels are available only when Mail, Calendar and Feeds have been enabled in […]

How to add a Web Panel

Video tutorials / Vivaldi Desktop

This video shows how to add a new Web Panel in Vivaldi.


Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Workspaces allow you to quickly group tabs for pages related to various topics, such as work, research, shopping, or school, in the same window. Once you have made a set of workspaces, moving between them is easy; using either the menu button or shortcuts. Add a Workspace To add a new workspace: The workspace is […]

Tab Features

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

In Vivaldi, you are in control of tabs from the word go. This article lists important options that determine how your tabs behave. Grouping tabs into Tab Stacks To learn about Tab Stacks in Vivaldi, take a look at the Help page that describes the feature in depth here. Cycling tabs To cycle through your […]

Opening and Closing Tabs

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

In Vivaldi, you can decide how you’d like to open, close and how to reopen recently closed Tabs. This article lists the options available to you. Opening Tabs There are several ways to open a new Tab: Click the New Tab button on the Tab Bar; Go to Vivaldi menu > File >  New Tab; […]

Pinned Tabs

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Pinning Tabs allow you to keep your most used tabs open and available in the same location, at all times. Pin a tab Right click on the tab and select Pin Tab; Type “Pin Tab” in Quick Commands; Set a custom Keyboard Shortcut or a Mouse Gesture for pinning tabs. To pin multiple tabs at […]

Tile Tabs for a split screen view

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Use Tab Tiling in Vivaldi to create a split screen view of your Tabs. Tiling Tabs To tile two or more tabs: Select the tabs by holding down the Ctrl/⌘ or Shift key and clicking on the tabs on the Tab Bar or Window Panel; Tile the tabs by: Right-clicking on one of the selected […]

Group tabs into Tab Stacks

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Tab Stacks let you group your browser tabs to avoid confusion and stay organised when you have several tabs open. In addition to the Tab Bar, tabs can also be managed in the Window Panel, in most cases, following the same instructions. Create a new Tab Stack Option 1 Click and start dragging one tab […]

Can't re-add window panel

Vivaldi for Linux

After updating to Vivaldi 5.7 I wanted to try the new Window panel. I had removed the button for it from the panel view. Unfortunately I can't find an option to add it back. It used to be possible to check or uncheck panels in a dropdown list. Now there is instead an edit window, [...]

By Dancer18

Window panel highlight issue

Vivaldi for Windows

In the window panel if I click on a tab it initially turns blue than gray while it is active but if you open a new tab from outside Vivaldi (email link for example) Vivaldi switches to the new tab but the last one viewed remains gray as if it was active and the new [...]

By glowthian

"An error occured" in the Windows Web Panel

Vivaldi for Windows

Anyone else get this? For me this only began with snapshot 5.8.2978.3 (Official Build) (64-bit) and the introduction of Workspaces. I don't know why but previously the proper informaton eventually repopulates the Web Panel but this time has yet to.

By g_bartsch

Activate Mail Panel and no mails in window

Vivaldi for Windows

Good evening, I just recently discovered the Mail panel feature in the vivaldi://experiments section and so I wired up my Vivaldi email - I think - to display my emails in-browser...quite confused about the whole ordeal because I'm not seeing my emails in the browser window itself ; in the settings it claims I've made [...]

By evanricard

Window Panel does not highlight new tab

Vivaldi for Windows

I click on a link and a new Tab page opens and is the active tab but the previous selected tab is still highlighted in Window Panel, not the new one. Is there a setting I am missing?

By glowthian

How to visit the Windows panel in the main screen

Vivaldi for Windows

For example when I press Ctrl+Shift+B, I got vivaldi://bookmarks/ I want the same thing for some other panels


Can't move tabs using Windows panel

Vivaldi for Linux

If I select one or more tabs in the Windows panel, and drag them to a new location within the same tab stack, they do not move. If I try to move them to a different tab stack, I get differing results. Once, the desired stack was highlighted, but the tabs instead moved to an [...]

By paul1149

Feature request: Bookmarking from windows panel

Vivaldi for macOS

Possibly related to my Linux desktop post; a few months ago I noticed that I couldn't bookmark tabs from the windows panel on macOS. At the time I chalked it up to something with macOS, but now that my Ubuntu computer "upgraded" to 6.7, it has the same problem. Desired workflow: Open a browser window [...]

By BlueHatGURU

Increase font size in panel window

Vivaldi for Linux

I like to run social media in the panel window but cannot read the small font. Neither the interface zoom function nor the webpage zoom function affect the panel window. How can I increase the font size here because I would really like to use it but it is useless to me like this. Thanks.

By krv1

Window panel - without the word "Workspace"

Vivaldi for Windows

Is it possible to delete the word "Workspace" from the panel called Window? Currently, the name consists of two main parts: 1. the word "Workspace" and 2. the name given by the user. I wish there was no word Workspace. Maybe you can do it using CSS? (icon) Workapce - Vivaldi Forum --> bad (icon) [...]

By helixo