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Windows Panel

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Vivaldi’s Windows Panel offers an easy way to manage multiple tabs at once. Opening to the side of your main browser window, the Window Panel will give you a tree-style view of all the open Tabs in all your open Windows. Access the Windows Panel Use one of the following options to open the Windows […]

Sessions Panel

Desktop browser / Panels

Sessions are a way to store your open tabs for easy access later. It allows you to close some unused tabs or all of them – freeing up memory and resources on your computer. A Session can contain tabs from a single window, all your windows, and optionally your Workspaces. Learn how to manage your Sessions […]

Tasks Panel

Calendar / Advanced options

Adding Tasks to your Vivaldi Calendar is a great way to keep track of your to-do list. Tasks can be managed in the Vivaldi Calendar and Calendar Panel, but to focus only on the tasks, the Task Panel is the best place. Open the Tasks Panel To access the Tasks Panel: Click on the  Tasks button […]

Reading List Panel

Desktop browser / Tools

Reading List allows you to add web pages to a list to keep for later. It prevents endless tabs from accumulating on your Tab Bar and Bookmarks being filled with entries you only need once. Though, there are similar services out there, Vivaldi’s Reading List doesn’t require an Extension nor do you need to sign up for an account. […]

Hide browser window’s user interface

Desktop browser / Appearance and Customization

One option to hide the user interface is to go into full screen mode, but then the Tab you have open will be the only thing you see on the screen. An alternative is to hide just the browser’s toolbars. Continue reading to learn how to hide the toolbars all at once and one by […]

Bookmark Panel

Desktop browser / Panels

In Vivaldi you can manage your Bookmarks from the Bookmark Panel, Bookmark Manager, Bookmark Bar and Bookmark Menu. In this article we’ll focus on the Bookmark Panel. Accessing the Bookmark Panel To access bookmarks from the Panel do one of the following: Click on the  Bookmark Panel button on top of the Panel; Use a […]


Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Working with browser windows in Vivaldi is straightforward. This article explains some important terms and actions. Opening windows To open a new window: Opening links in new windows To open a link or a Bookmark in a new window, right-click on the link and select Open Link in New Window or Open Link in a […]

Private Windows

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Private browsing mode is intended to protect your privacy from other users of your computer. When you browse using a Private Window, Vivaldi will minimize what is stored locally on your computer so that very few traces are left of what you were browsing once you close all private browsing windows. To open a Private […]

Web Panels

Desktop browser / Panels

Web Panels are customisable Tabs which allow you to keep your favourite sites easily accessible in the side Panel of Vivaldi. Opening a Web Panel will allow you to simultaneously view its content alongside the tab(s) in your main window. Add a new Web Panel From the Panel Open the Panel area either by clicking the Show Panel icon on […]

Uninstall Vivaldi on Windows 10

Desktop browser / Installing and Updating

If you have issues uninstalling Vivaldi while using Windows 10, Windows 10 provides two different UIs to add/remove programs: the old style UI, and a new modern look (see screenshots below). Only the older style UI will allow a non-admin user to uninstall a single user installed program. Older add/remove program Windows UI New add/remove programs UI in […]

Mail panel disappears when opening the closed windows from the window panel

Vivaldi for Linux

So here are the 2 problems that I noticed today when I opened my laptop after returning from work. Mail panel alongside other panels disappears entirely when I open the closed windows from the window panel. It appears that something was messed up with my bookmarks, I made a folder and put it in the [...]

By Yamo

The panel window, on its own.


How do you do this with the panel window. (I just want the Panel bar open by itself) Could you add this feature if it isn't there. This would be really beneficial Free the panel from the web window.

By Shahan21

Lost functionality in the Window Panel (session save, hibernated icon), open session with stack in current window

Vivaldi for Windows

Hi, at some point in time (last few months) the window panel lost two features and I wonder if I am the only one having this problem or it hits others as well. Also noticed one regression with opening from a saved session. The issues: when trying to save as a session a set of [...]

By kovi

Window Panel [bugs?]

Vivaldi for Windows

I use the window panel instead of the tab bar and have noticed the following inconveniences: If the panel scrollbar is visible, the middle mouse button also activates panning. (The expected action is only to close the tab.) Activate with single click setting also applies to the Closed Tabs, although it is a completely different [...]

By coldsmile

New "Global" Window Panel

Vivaldi for Windows

The new Window Panel Search, giving results in all Windows is great, but having all tabs of all Windows in the Window Panel isn't when you have many Windows with many Tabs : you never know where you actually are in the Panel as the panel doesn't follow the open window / tab manually looking [...]

By Darwin4Ever

Windows panel not showing all stacks


I have several tab stacks but Windows panel only shows the first one.

By Shoham

Window order in the Web Panel

Vivaldi for Windows

Previously I thought Windows in the Web Panel were always listed at the top before - and separately from - Workspaces. This is no longer the case; Windows are now listed within the list of elements based on the active Tab within them. Is this intentional? I feel all Windows should be listed at the [...]

By g_bartsch

Bookmarking from windows panel disappeared

Vivaldi for Linux

I just made the mistake of upgrading to 6.7, and I am no longer able to bookmark tabs from the windows panel. Steps to reproduce: Open a browser window Have at least one tab open Open the window panel (default on the left) Right click on one or several tabs. The option to bookmark it/them [...]

By BlueHatGURU

Window Panel - number means ??

Vivaldi for Windows

See screenshot at right. I'm new to Vivaldi, and I do not know what the number means. For a while it was a 2, but I do not know what there were 2 of? I'm sure it is a newbie mistakes. Gentle instruction appreciated.

By gerbers

"Windows" panel seemingly blank

Vivaldi for Windows

Beg to wonder if this is maybe the fault of an update or an issue with sync (I had recently moved onto a new computer) but the windows panel seems to show absolutely nothing despite open tabs. This seems like a nasty bug if nothing else. Restarting Vivaldi doesn't fix. Please advise?

By Happyfaec