Integrating with Vivaldi Calendar for Web Developers

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Products: Vivaldi for desktop-only.

Vivaldi Calendar is a fully-featured calendar client built into the Vivaldi Browser. Users can subscribe to calendar feeds or add a single or group of events to their calendar schedules.

Calendar feeds and event files both use the iCalendar (RFC 5545) file format.

Prompt to add events to Vivaldi Calendar

To prompt a user to add an event to their calendars, create a link using the https (recommended) or http URI scheme. Example:

Prompt to subscribe to the calendar in Vivaldi Calendar

To prompt a user to follow a new calendar feed, create a link to it using the webcal URI scheme. Example:


Vivaldi will assume and only supports the HTTPS protocol for calendar subscriptions.

Vivaldi polls calendar subscriptions for updates every 10 minutes. Please ensure your calendar server sets appropriate HTTP cache response headers and supports cache-revalidation to reduce the load on the server (see RFC 9111).