Vivaldi Bookmarks Metadata for Web Developers

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Products: Vivaldi for desktop

Vivaldi will source metadata for bookmarks from the HTML Standard metadata elements and from Open Graph Protocol metadata. This metadata is used to prefill values when the user creates a new bookmark.

The bookmark title will be sourced from:

  1. The document title from the <title> element.
  2. The Open Graph Protocol title (og:title).

The bookmark description will be sourced from:

  1. The Open Graph Protocol description (og:description).
  2. The document description from the <meta name="description"> element.

The Open Graph Protocol description is preferred as it is often a higher-quality summary of the page than the HTML Standard description. The latter is often overly long or misused to list page keywords instead of a written summary or description.

Vivaldi for Android and Vivaldi for iOS only use the HTML Standard elements.