Vivaldi Link Drag and Select Behavior for Web Developers

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Products: Vivaldi for desktop-only.

Vivaldi lets users either select text inside links or drag the links around. The behavior in Vivaldi differs from the default in other Blink (Chromium) browsers.

Users can select text inside links by clicking on a link and dragging left or right. The link element becomes draggable when they drag it up or down.

To explicitly make a link always draggable in any direction, set its draggable attribute to true. Example:

<a href="" draggable="true">
  Draggable and Not Selectable Link Text

To explicitly make a link’s text always selectable in any direction, set its draggable attribute to false. Example:

<a href="" draggable="false">
  Selectable and Not Draggable Link Text

When links are not explicitly draggable (the default), the CSS user-select property is ignored, and their cursor property may be ignored.