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Make Vivaldi the default browser on desktop

Desktop browser / Installing and Updating

To make Vivaldi the default browser: In case you see Vivaldi is set as your default browser instead of Set as Default button in General settings, then Vivaldi already is your default browser. Default browser check on startup When Vivaldi isn’t your default browser, every time you open the browser you’ll be asked whether you […]

Sender Best Practices for Vivaldi Mail

Developer Documentation / Mail and Calendar

Products: Vivaldi for desktop-only. Vivaldi Mail is a fully-featured email client. Email deliverability and filtering of potentially unwanted messages is left to the user’s email server. This document describes specifics for senders who want to ensure a good recipient experience and compatibility with Vivaldi Mail Email Rendering Vivaldi Mail renders emails using the Chromium Blink […]

Vivaldi Link Drag and Select Behavior for Web Developers

Developer Documentation / Web Pages

Products: Vivaldi for desktop-only. Vivaldi lets users either select text inside links or drag the links around. The behavior in Vivaldi differs from the default in other Blink (Chromium) browsers. Users can select text inside links by clicking on a link and dragging left or right. The link element becomes draggable when they drag it […]

Panels on iOS

iOS browser / Tools

Panels offer a quick way to access useful tools like Bookmarks, History, Notes, and Downloads. Accessing Panels To open Panels, tap on the Panels button on the left side of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. In Vivaldi on iOS, there are 4 panels: To switch between panels tap on their respective icons […]

History Panel

Desktop browser / Panels

Accessing the History Panel To open the History Panel: Browsing the history Your browsing history is grouped into folders by date. To open or close the date folder, click on the arrow in front of the date. To open or close all folders: To change the displayed history time range, click on the menu next […]

Create a custom icon set

Desktop browser / Appearance and Customization

Vivaldi introduces support for custom icon set for all toolbar buttons. Here’s how to best handle resources when creating your own icons. Edit a theme You can populate all the theme buttons right in the Vivaldi UI. To place your own icons, go to Settings > Themes > Editor > Icons to see a list […]

Windows Panel

Desktop browser / Tabs and Windows

Vivaldi’s Windows Panel offers an easy way to manage multiple tabs at once. Opening to the side of your main browser window, the Window Panel will give you a tree-style view of all the open Tabs in all your open Windows. Access the Windows Panel Use one of the following options to open the Windows […]

CSS Not Working

Vivaldi for Linux

Hello, I use Ubuntu 22.04 and installed Vivaldi. Small issue that I see is I imported my CSS file from a Windows computer. When I try to run the change the color of the selected tab in CSS it won't work for some odd reason. Here's the CSS code: #browser .tab-position {background-color: green; color: [...]

By twisted8000

CSS scroll-behavior

Vivaldi for macOS

It seems that Vivaldi does not support the CSS feature: scroll-behavior: smooth; It would be great to have this support, because all other important browsers have it. Thanks, Peter.

By polarpixel

filter_intensify.css file

Vivaldi for macOS

does anyone know how to access the filter_intensify.css file on mac? i heard it's somewhere in applications but i can't find it

By Wolfy24

Where is the common.css file located??????

Vivaldi for Linux

In case you cant tell from the title.... I have spend well over an hour looking for this gdamn file... and NO I dont want to change it just want to look at it so I can have a reference of what everything is called and use it as a reference its not a nuclear [...]

By brenwa

[CSS] Forum Dark Theme


I find the new dark theme is too harsh on my system so I decided to make some changes to the colour and a few other things I feel are inconsistent. You will need something like Stylus to inject the code. Give it a try :root { --header-bg: hsla(210, 2%, 10%, 95%); --submenu-bg: hsl(210, 2%, [...]

By sjudenim

Sync wiped out all my Stylus CSSes

Vivaldi for Linux

Trying to figure out where I went wrong. I created a new profile, installed Stylus, and synced it (edit: Vivaldi, not Stylus) on the same account as my main profile. Now all style sheets are gone on both profiles. This is a loss of a few months of tweaks. I really do not like the [...]

By paul1149

How to make css work in Notes?


Hi, how do I make css work in notes? I'm trying to color a specific word. Or is this not available (yet)?

By jrkl75

CSS mod not working 6.7

Vivaldi for macOS

Seems css modifications not working in vivaldi 6.7.3329.31 (Stable channel) (x86_64) on macOS Monterey 12.7.5 For example in bookmark bar reize, removing arrows or font size not working at all /* resize bookmark tab */ .bookmark-bar { height: 20px !important; } /* Hide folder arrow icons on the bookmark bar when set to text only [...]

By fontcl

panels custom css styles doesn't work anymore


i noticed while browsing twitter on a side panel, i noticed that my custom CSS extension (stylus) currently doesn't work on side panels, i tried to restart the browser, switch the side panel to be in desktop mode, updated my CSS files, and nothing has worked yet i am running off of vivaldi 5.6.2867.58 (or [...]

By zettavevo

bigger displayed size for tabbar thumbnails with CSS

Vivaldi for Windows

hi everyone . i have a little petition. Does anybody of you know the CSS code for modifying the parameters of displayed hover thumbnails? I already increased the resolution of the source of the images using the bundle.js so the only remaining step is the CSS... Any help appreciated

By Cokelobos