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Tabs on Android

Android browser / Browsing the Web

Managing all your tabs in the mobile version of Vivaldi is as easy and efficient as on desktop. Tab Switcher To view your Tabs in the Tab Switcher, either: The number in the Tab Switcher button indicates, how many open Tabs and Tab Stacks you have. Slide left to view Private Tabs, Synced Tabs and […]

Reading list on Android

Android browser / Bookmarks and Speed Dial

Reading List allows you to add web pages to a list to keep for later. It prevents endless tabs from accumulating on your Tab Bar/Tab Switcher and Bookmarks being filled with entries you only need once. Though, there are similar services out there, Vivaldi’s Reading List doesn’t require an external app nor do you need to sign up […]

Translate Panel on Android

Android browser / Panels

Accessing the Translate Panel To open the Translate Panel: Tap on the Panel button. Tap on the Translate panel button at the bottom of the page (on the side on tablets and larger screens). Translate text To translate text in the panel: Open the Translate Panel. Type or paste the text into to the input […]

Themes on Android

Android browser / Appearance and Customization

To change the browser’s theme: Accent color By default, with a light theme, Vivaldi on Android will change the Address and Tab Bar colors based on the open website. To change the accent color: Start Page Wallpaper To customize the back of the Speed Dials with a custom image or color: Dark mode for web […]

Share pages to other apps

Android browser / Browsing the Web

Share a page link to another app To share page links: Have the page open. Tap on Vivaldi menu > Share.Alternatively, tap on the Address Bar > Share. Select the app you want to share to. Follow the directions in the chosen app. The menu fits 4 apps on the main screen. Swipe left to […]

Tab Stacks on Android

Android browser / Browsing the Web

Tab Stacks let you group multiple tabs into the space of a single tab, so there is less clutter in your Tab Switcher. Enable Tab Stacks To enable Tab Stacks: Go to Vivaldi menu > Settings > Tabs; Toggle on Enable Tab Stack. Toggle the same setting off to disable Tab Stacks. Create Tab Stacks To […]

Translate web pages on your phone

Android browser / Tools

With Vivaldi Translate, you can translate full web pages with just a click of a button. No Extensions needed. Translate a web page When a website you’re viewing is in a language different from your browser’s user interface language, Vivaldi offers to translate it for you. A banner will be shown just above the bottom […]

Scan QR codes with Vivaldi on Android

Android browser / Tools

QR (Quick Response) Codes are an easy way to share links and other information. With Vivaldi’s QR Code scanner on Android you can quickly scan QR Codes and barcodes to open links, menus, payment screens, apps and get specific information unique to the code without the need to type anything. In addition to scanning, you […]

Change the look of web pages with Page Actions

Android browser / Tools

With Page Actions you can alter the look of websites to enhance accessibility and readability, to work on your website’s CSS, or just for fun. Apply Page Actions To apply a Page Action to a web page: Go to the Vivaldi menu > Page Actions; Enable the option(s) you want to apply. Available Page Actions […]

Vivaldia game

Android browser / Tools

Vivaldia is an arcade-style runner game by Porcelain Fortress integrated into Vivaldi. The game is available for both online and offline playing on desktop and Android. Playing the game To play Vivaldia on mobile, either: Go to  Vivaldi menu > Start Vivaldia game; Type vivaldi://game in the Address Field; To start the game, turn your phone to […]