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Import events to Vivaldi Calendar

Calendar / Advanced options

Import Calendar events (ICS file) To import calendar files ending with an .ics extension that you have exported from other calendars, downloaded from the web (for example, local holiday calendars) or someone has shared with you: Go to the Vivaldi menu > File > Import from Applications or Files. Select Calendar Events (ICS file). Click […]

Troubleshooting issues in Vivaldi Calendar

Calendar / Advanced options

If there’s something odd going on in Vivaldi Calendar, there are a few things you can do in order to troubleshoot the issue. Missing events If you don’t see an event you’ve added: When you don’t see events from an online calendar in Vivaldi Calendar: Re-add an online calendar If you’ve encountered issues with an […]

Use Mail, Calendar and Feeds in a separate user profile

Mail / Advanced options

If you’d like to use Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and Feeds separately from your main browser, we suggest setting your mail and calendar accounts up in a new User Profile. Alternatively, you can also install a second Vivaldi as a Standalone version. Add a new Profile Click on the Profile button in the top right corner […]

Tasks in Vivaldi Calendar

Calendar / Advanced options

In addition to creating events in the Vivaldi Calendar, you can also add tasks or convert existing events into tasks. To start adding tasks, first make sure you have enabled Mail, Calendar and Feeds in Settings > General > Productivity Features. Add tasks To add a new task: Open the main Calendar View. Start creating […]

Calendar view options

Calendar / Advanced options

Show and hide calendars To show or hide events from certain calendars: Default calendar To set a default calendar: When you change the calendar for an event in the event editor, that calendar will become the default calendar. Calendar views In Vivaldi Calendar you can see events in the following views: In Multiweek and Months […]

Calendar Settings

Calendar / Getting started

In Settings > Calendar you can manage your Calendar accounts and their calendars. In addition, you can adjust various settings for the Calendar interface and for managing events. Calendar display Show event property icons By enabling the option Show Icons for Event Properties you can see whether the event information includes a link and a location, whether it’s […]

Add and manage Calendar events

Calendar / Getting started

Add an event To add a new event to Vivaldi Calendar: Edit mode In Settings > Calendar > Calendar Display > Edit mode you can select whether you want to edit events inside the calendar view (inline) with event information divided into tabs, but all surrounding events visible or in a popup dialog with all information […]

Add and manage Calendar accounts

Calendar / Getting started

Enable the Calendar To use Vivaldi Calendar, make sure you’ve enabled Mail, Calendar and Feeds from Settings > General > Productivity Features. On a brand new installation or in a new User Profile, choose the “Browser, Mail, and Calendar” option in the welcome flow. Local account Vivaldi Calendar comes with a local account already set up. Calendars and events under […]