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Add and manage mail accounts

Mail / Getting started

Enable the mail client To use Vivaldi Mail, make sure you’ve enabled Mail, Calendar and Feeds from Settings > General > Productivity Features. On a brand new installation or in a new User Profile, choose the “Browser, Mail, and Calendar” option in the welcome flow. Add an account To add your first mail account to Vivaldi Mail: To add more […]

Use Mail, Calendar and Feeds in a separate user profile

Mail / Advanced options

If you’d like to use Vivaldi Mail, Calendar and Feeds separately from your main browser, we suggest setting your mail and calendar accounts up in a new User Profile. Alternatively, you can also install a second Vivaldi as a Standalone version. Add a new Profile Click on the Profile button in the top right corner […]

Add and Manage Feeds

Mail / Feeds

What are Feeds? Feeds are a good way to consume frequently updated web content in a simple format from a single location, the feed reader. The types of content published via newsfeeds include news, blogs, podcasts, forum discussions and more. Depending on the website, you may see the full content in the feed reader or […]

Mail settings

Mail / Getting started

Mail layout To change the mailbox layout: Alternatively, click on the Toggle View button in the top right corner of the Mail tab. Mail Notifications To change notifications for incoming messages, go to Settings > Mail > Mail Settings > Mail Notifications. There, you can also toggle notification sounds and notifications for outgoing messages on […]

Send messages

Mail / Getting started

Compose a new message To write a new message: Alternatively, you can use the following shortcuts (they only work in the Mail tab): To send a message to a saved contact: Header Body For writing the content of your message, Vivaldi Mail’s composer includes an HTML editor, that allows you to add simple formatting to […]

View and manage messages

Mail / Getting started

View messages To view your messages: Check for new messages In Settings > Mail > Mail Settings > Check For New Mail, you can adjust how often the mail client looks for new messages on the server. You can choose between: To check for new messages manually in all accounts: To look for messages in […]