Mail settings

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Mail layout

To change the mailbox layout:

  1. Go to Settings > Mail > Mail Settings > Mail View Layout;
  2. Select between:
    1. Horizontal
    2. Vertical
    3. Vertical Wide

Alternatively, click on the toggle view Toggle View button in the top right corner of the Mail tab.

Mail Notifications

To change notifications for incoming messages, go to Settings > Mail > Mail Settings > Mail Notifications. There, you can also toggle notification sounds and notifications for outgoing messages on and off.

Checking frequency

Vivaldi Mail offers 3 frequencies for checking for new messages:

  • Every Minute
  • Every 15 Minutes
  • Manually

Choose your preferred frequency in Settings > Mail > Mail Settings > Check For New Mail.

Default Sender

In case you have added multiple email accounts to Vivaldi Mail, you can choose which email address will be used as the default sender. Or you can opt for always using the email address that was used to send the latest message.

Composer Colours

In Settings > Mail > Mail Settings > Composer Colours, you can decide, whether the background of the message writing area in the message composer is white and the text black or use your Theme colours.

Deleting Duplicate Messages

In Vivaldi Mail, duplicate emails are the ones that have identical headers. In Settings > Mail > Mail Settings you can decide, how to handle such messages. The following options are available:

Delete duplicates:

  • Ask;
  • From All Folders on Current Account;
  • From All Accounts and Folders.

Permanently delete duplicates:

  • Ask;
  • From the Current Folder Only;
  • From All Folders on Current Account;
  • From All Accounts and Folders.

Message counters

You can show unread mail counters on Mail’s Panel button and on the Status Bar button.

You can also decide whether you want to see counters for unread Trash, Spam, Archive and Draft messages in the Mail Panel.

Adjust the settings in Settings > Mail > Mail Settings > Mail Counters.

Unseen Messages

In Vivaldi, a message can have 3 states – Unseen, Unread, and Read. If enabled, all new messages will be listed as Unseen. When you open a message it will automatically change from Unseen to Unread. It makes it easy to see which emails you’ve already viewed and which haven’t been opened yet.

To make the Unseen and Unread messages look the same and not show the counter of Unseen messages next to Unread messages in the Mail Panel:

  1. Go to Settings > Mail > Mail Settings > Unseen messages.
  2. Disable Highlight and Count Unseen Messages.

Unread Messages

Marking an email read in Vivaldi Mail is a deliberate choice. If you want messages to be marked read automatically after you’ve opened them:

  1. Go to Settings > Mail > Mail Settings > Unread messages.
  2. Enable Automatically Mark as Read.

Mail Search

When you search in Vivaldi Mail, by default results will start to show after you’ve typed the 3rd character in the Search Field. To start the search only after you’ve entered the full keyword or phrase and have pressed Enter on your keyboard, enable Start Search Using Enter Key in Settings > Mail > Mail Settings > Mail Search.

Message threads

You can view all messages in a list or you can group linked emails into threads.

To toggle threading on and off for all mail, click on the Message thread Show/Hide Message Threads button in the top right corner of the Mail tab.

To view all messages in a single thread:

  • Right-click on one of the messages in the thread and select Thread > Show Message Thread.
  • Select one of the messages in the thread and press the single key shortcut T.

External content in emails

To protect your privacy, Vivaldi does not download external content by default. If a message contains external content, such as images, a notification “This message was prevented from loading external content” will be displayed between the message header and message body with an option to load the external content. If you trust the sender, you can also enable always loading external content from that sender.

You can also enable displaying external content per contact in the Contacts Panel:

  1. Right-click on a contact and select Edit;
  2. Tick the box for Always allow external content in emails.

Disable Vivaldi Mail

In case you’re not planning to use neither Vivaldi Mail, Calendar nor Feeds, you can disable the features from Settings > General > Productivity Features > untick “Enable Mail, Calendar and Feeds”.