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Contacts Panel

Everyone, who you’ve sent a message to or you’ve received a message from, will be added to your contacts.

To access your contacts:

In Contacts Panel you can:

  • Search existing contacts;
  • Add new contacts;
  • Delete contacts;
  • Edit contact information;
  • View all correspondence between you and the contact;
  • Send a message to a contact or contacts.

Add a new contact

To add a new contact:

  1. Open the Contacts Panel;
  2. Click on Add button New Contact on the Contacts Panel toolbar;
  3. Fill in the contact information.

The new contact will be added automatically.

Edit a contact

To edit contact’s information:

  1. Open the Contacts Panel;
  2. Select a contact you want to edit and click on the available info in the contact information section at the bottom of the Panel.
    Alternatively, right-click on a contact and select Edit;
  3. Update the information.

Changes will be saved automatically.

Delete a contact

To delete a contact:

  1. Open the Contacts Panel;
  2. Select a contact you want to delete;
  3. Choose one of the following options:
    1. Click  Delete on the Contacts Panel toolbar;
    2. Right-click on the contact and select Delete from the context menu;
    3. Press Delete on your keyboard.

To delete multiple contacts, select them using either the Shift or Ctrl/Cmd key and use one of the options listed above.

View all messages

One of the default Contact Panel actions is viewing all messages you’ve received or sent to the contact.

To view these messages:

  • (Double-)click on a contact to open a new Tab with all the messages (if it’s your default contact action in Settings > Panels > Contacts Panel);
  • Select a contact and press Enter (if viewing messages is your default action)
  • Right-click on the contact and select View All Messages from the context menu.

Other ways to view messages from or to and from sender:

  • Right-click on one of the messages in the message list in Mail, select Sender > Show messages from sender;
  • Open a message and use the keyboard shortcut E (enable single key shortcuts for Mail in Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts).
  • Open a message, right-click anywhere on the header and select Show messages from sender.
  • Open a message, hover over sender’s or recipient’s name/email, click on the small arrow and select See messages to and from sender.

Compose a new message

The other default contact action is opening the mail composer to send the contact a new message.

To start composing a new email to chosen contact:

  • (Double-)click on the contact to open the composer (if it’s your default contact action in Settings > Panels > Contacts Panel);
  • Select the contact and click on Compose message button Compose mail to contact on the Contacts Panel toolbar;
  • Right-click on the contact and select Compose Mail from the context menu;
  • Select the contact and click on the envelope icon in front of their email address in the contact info section.

To start composing a new message to multiple contacts:

  1. Select the contacts you want to add as recipients by holding down the Shift or Ctrl/Cmd key;
  2. Click on Compose message button Compose mail to contact on the Contact Panel toolbar.
    Alternatively, right-click on one of the chosen contacts and select Compose Mail.

When you open the mail composer from Mail, you’ll get contact recommendations as soon as you start typing in To, CC and BCC fields.

Contacts Panel settings

Default contact action

In Settings > Panel > Contacts Panel, you can choose whether clicking on a contact should:

  • open the list of messages you’ve sent each other, or
  • open the mail composer to send the contact a message.

In Contacts Panel settings you can also choose whether your preferred action should take place after a single or double-click. You can access the other option from the right-click context menu.

Sorting contacts

You can sort contacts by name. To change the sorting order, click on the sorting menu title between the Contacts Panel toolbar and the list of contacts to switch between ascending and descending ordering.

Contacts Panel width

By default changing the side panel width for one Panel will change it for all other Panels. To give Contacts Panel a separate width:

  1. Right-click on the Contacts Panel button;
  2. Select Separate Width;
  3. From the outer edge of the Panel, drag the Panel to desired width.

Contact Info section

At the bottom of the Contacts Panel, you see information about the contact you’ve selected.

To resize the section, place your mouse-cursor at the top edge of the section and drag in preferred direction to either increase or decrease the size.

To hide the information section altogether, either drag the edge all the way down or double-click on the edge. Drag, double-click or start editing a contact to to display the section again.