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Markdown formatting

Desktop browser / Tools

Markdown is a simple markup language used to create rich text (e.g. HTML) with a plain text editor. It lets you add basic formatting to your text, using symbols known and accessible on all keyboards. Font size, colour, and other, more advanced options are not available with Markdown. In Vivaldi you can use Markdown to […]

CSS Not Working

Vivaldi for Linux

Hello, I use Ubuntu 22.04 and installed Vivaldi. Small issue that I see is I imported my CSS file from a Windows computer. When I try to run the change the color of the selected tab in CSS it won't work for some odd reason. Here's the CSS code: #browser .tab-position {background-color: green; color: [...]

By twisted8000

filter_intensify.css file

Vivaldi for macOS

does anyone know how to access the filter_intensify.css file on mac? i heard it's somewhere in applications but i can't find it

By Wolfy24

CSS scroll-behavior

Vivaldi for macOS

It seems that Vivaldi does not support the CSS feature: scroll-behavior: smooth; It would be great to have this support, because all other important browsers have it. Thanks, Peter.

By polarpixel

How to make css work in Notes?


Hi, how do I make css work in notes? I'm trying to color a specific word. Or is this not available (yet)?

By jrkl75

Where is the common.css file located??????

Vivaldi for Linux

In case you cant tell from the title.... I have spend well over an hour looking for this gdamn file... and NO I dont want to change it just want to look at it so I can have a reference of what everything is called and use it as a reference its not a nuclear [...]

By brenwa

Sync wiped out all my Stylus CSSes

Vivaldi for Linux

Trying to figure out where I went wrong. I created a new profile, installed Stylus, and synced it (edit: Vivaldi, not Stylus) on the same account as my main profile. Now all style sheets are gone on both profiles. This is a loss of a few months of tweaks. I really do not like the [...]

By paul1149

[CSS] Forum Dark Theme


I find the new dark theme is too harsh on my system so I decided to make some changes to the colour and a few other things I feel are inconsistent. You will need something like Stylus to inject the code. Give it a try :root { --header-bg: hsla(210, 2%, 10%, 95%); --submenu-bg: hsl(210, 2%, [...]

By sjudenim

CSS mod not working 6.7

Vivaldi for macOS

Seems css modifications not working in vivaldi 6.7.3329.31 (Stable channel) (x86_64) on macOS Monterey 12.7.5 For example in bookmark bar reize, removing arrows or font size not working at all /* resize bookmark tab */ .bookmark-bar { height: 20px !important; } /* Hide folder arrow icons on the bookmark bar when set to text only [...]

By fontcl

CSS+JS | @media display-mode broken

Vivaldi for Windows

Vivaldi not handling @media display-mode correctly Bug report form wants me to ask if someone else can confirm first so here we go. I have a JSFiddle sample at . What I expect to happen: Using either the button to go fullscreen via JS or pressing F11 should cause the box to turn blue. [...]

By JonCB

Filter invert - how to get the changed CSS code ?


Hi, I was trying the vivaldi page actions and I tried filter invert on a website. I like the inverted design and color but how do I get the new changed CSS ( the inverted one ) ? I did inspect element but it shows the original CSS. Kindly let me know how to get [...]

By jeevanism