📱 Privacy Settings

From  Vivaldi menu > Settings > Privacy you can review your privacy and security settings in Vivaldi on Android. Access payment methods When enabled, websites can check if you’ve stored information about your credit cards in the browser. You can add payment methods to Vivaldi in Vivaldi menu > Settings > General > Payment methods. […]

📱 Delete browsing data

To clear browsing data in Vivaldi on Android: Go to  Vivaldi menu > Settings > Privacy > Clear browsing data; Alternatively, open the History Panel and tap on   Clear Data on the right side of the bottom toolbar. Choose the time range for deleting data: Last hour, Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, Last 4 weeks, All […]

📱 Vivaldia game

Vivaldia is an arcade-style runner game by Porcelain Fortress integrated into Vivaldi. The game is available for both online and offline playing on desktop and Android. Playing the game To play Vivaldia on mobile, either: Go to  Vivaldi menu > Start Vivaldia game; Type vivaldi://game in the Address Field; To start the game, turn your phone to […]

📱 Speed Dials

Access your favorite Bookmarks directly from the Start Page with Speed Dials. Add a new Speed Dial folder on the Start Page To access bookmarks from the Start Page: In the Bookmarks Panel, make sure your favourites are in the same Bookmarks folder; Long press on the folder and tap on the Edit button; Tick […]

📱 Tracker and Ad Blocker

In addition to Vivaldi not tracking you, we protect you from web trackers and give you the option to block ads. Tracker blocker Tracker blocker prevents ubiquitous web trackers from following you around the web and from gathering personal data about you. When the feature is enabled, trackers are blocked by relying on lists of […]

📱 Web Page options

Vivaldi offers several options to customise your browsing flow in the Android app. Continue reading to learn about a few of them. Desktop view To display a desktop version of the website, instead of the mobile version commonly displayed on smaller screens, open the Vivaldi Menu and tick the box for Desktop Site. To permanently display […]

📱 View web pages offline

To view websites somewhere without an internet connection or just to save metered data for more important browsing, download pages beforehand for offline access. Saving a web page When you have the page open in the active tab go to the Vivaldi menu > Download page. In case you want to download a page that […]

📱 Report a bug in Vivaldi Android

In this article we’ve put together some guidelines that will help you write a good bug report for Vivaldi Android. A good bug report will help our developers reproduce and fix the bug. Before reporting a bug Before you report a bug, please check the Forum‘s Android category. Well-known bugs, updates and temporary workarounds are often […]

📱 Reader View

Using Reader View is an excellent way to declutter your screen to focus on the content – especially on smaller screens. Enabling Reader View To enable Reader View on Vivaldi Mobile, open the  Vivaldi menu > Settings > Web Pages > Accessibility and tick the box for Simplified view for web pages. Once enabled, you’ll see […]

📱 Search

Searching using Vivaldi on Android To search in the Android version of Vivaldi, tap either the  Search button on the Start Page or tap directly on the Address Bar and start typing the search term. To search using a pre-installed search engine other than the default, enter the Search Engine’s nickname (check the list below) […]