Web Page options

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Vivaldi offers several options to customise your browsing flow in the Android app. Continue reading to learn about a few of them.

Desktop view

To display a desktop version of the website, instead of the mobile version commonly displayed on smaller screens, open the Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi Menu and tick the box for Desktop Site.

To permanently display desktop versions of all websites:

  1. Go to Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi Menu > Settings > Web pages;
  2. Enable Always Show Desktop Site;

In some cases, like in Vivaldi in Polestar’s infotainment center, it’s best to enable desktop view for websites that, in mobile view, try to open an app to show content (even if the app is not available).


To open a website of your choice, when tapping the Home button or opening a new tab:

  1. Go to Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi Menu > Settings > Homepage.
  2. Toggle the setting On.
  3. Select Enter custom web address.
  4. Type or paste the link.
  5. Exit settings.

Home Screen shortcut

To access a web page directly from your phone’s Home Screen add a shortcut by:

  1. Going the web page;
  2. Opening the Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi Menu;
  3. Selecting Add to Home screen;
  4. Edit the title, if you wish;
  5. Tap Add;

Stay in the browser

If you have the app installed on your phone, links from the same service will often want to open in the app to display the content. For example, YouTube and Google Maps. If you prefer to stay in the Vivaldi browser, you can enable a setting that will prevent the external app from opening. Instead, the link will open in a new browser Tab.

To turn on this option:

  1. Go to Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi Menu > Settings > Web Pages;
  2. Enable Stay in browser.

Audio playback in the background

Normally audio and video playback will stop when you switch tabs or apps. To keep the content playing in the background while browsing in other tabs or using other apps:

  1. Go to Vivaldi menu button Vivaldi Menu > Settings > General.
  2. Enable Allow background audio playback.