πŸ“± Panels

Panels offer a quick way to access useful tools like Bookmarks, History, Notes, and Downloads. Accessing Panels To open Panels, tap on the Panels button on the left side of the Toolbar at the bottom of the screen. On Vivaldi Mobile, there are 4 panels: Β  Bookmarks, History, Notes, and Downloads. To switch between panels, […]

πŸ“± Capture Page

To take a screenshot of the web page you’re viewing on your mobile use Vivaldi’s built-in Capture tool. Capturing a page To capture a screenshot of the current page, open the Vivaldi menu > Capture Page. Select between the following two options: Capture only the visible area, Capture the full web page (some web page […]

πŸ“± Notes

Use Notes to quickly add checklists, agenda items or facilitate a research project without the disruption of switching apps. Viewing Notes To view and manage your Notes: Open Panels from the left side of the bottom toolbar; Swipe left to Notes (between History and Downloads) or tap on the Notes icon. Tap on a note […]

πŸ“± Bookmarks & Speed Dials

Add your favourite and often visited sites to Bookmarks to access them faster. Continue reading to learn about: Accessing bookmarks; Adding new bookmarks; Syncing bookmarks; Editing and deleting bookmarks; Speed Dials. Accessing Bookmarks To view your bookmarks, tap on the Panel button in the bottom left corner of the window to open the Bookmarks Panel. […]

πŸ“± Sync

Sync bookmarks, passwords, open tabs and more between your desktop and mobile devices by logging-in to your Vivaldi Account. Logging in to Sync To log in to Sync on Vivaldi Mobile: Tap on the Vivaldi menu in the top right corner, next to the Address Field; Select Settings > Sync. Enter your login credentials, add […]

πŸ“± Tabs

Managing all your tabs in the mobile version of Vivaldi is easy using the Tab Switcher. Tab Switcher To view your Tabs, either: Tap on the Tab Switcher button on the right side of the bottom toolbar. The number in the Tab Switcher button indicates, how many open tabs you have. Swipe down from the […]

πŸ“± Settings

Change your Vivaldi Android preferences in Settings. To access Settings in the Android version of Vivaldi: Tap on the Vivaldi menu on the Address Bar, and Select Settings. There you can: Account AccessΒ SyncΒ settings; Basics Change the default Search Engine; Enable search suggestions; View Passwords and edit password settings; Enter and edit Payment methods and Addresses; […]

πŸ“± Vivaldi Mobile Interface

Like the desktop browser, Vivaldi on Android has a unique User Interface. Address Bar Content blocker – change the tracker and ad blocking level for the website. Site info – check your connection security and access Site Settings; Address and Search field – type in the link you want to visit or a search term […]

πŸ“± Install and Update Vivaldi Mobile

Installing Vivaldi Mobile To install Vivaldi on your Android device: Open the Play Store app; Search for Vivaldi Browser; Tap on Install; Once it has finished loading, tap Open. Accept the Terms of Use and you’re ready to go. The oldest Android version Vivaldi is supported on is Android 5 – Lollipop. In case you […]