Vivaldi Webmail

Webmail Settings

To customize Vivaldi webmail, click on Settings on the menu on the left side of the page. You can change settings in the following categories: Preferences: User Interface, Mailbox View, Displaying Messages, Composing Messages, Contacts, Special Folders, Server Settings, Encryption, Calendar, Folders, Identities, Responses, PGP keys, Filters. Storage In Vivaldi mail each account gets 5GB […]

Set up Vivaldi mail in a mail client

You can always access your mail from any browser on, but you can also set your mail account up in a desktop mail client or mail app on your mobile device. There are many different mail clients available. To add your Vivaldi account to a mail client of your choice, follow the mail client’s […]

Importing and Exporting emails

After staring to use Vivaldi mail, you might want to bring your old emails with you, so you can continue using email from where you left off. Here’s how. Importing mail from another account Setting up both accounts The best way to move all of your emails from your current mailbox to Vivaldi is to […]

Email encryption

Enabling encryption If you want to send and receive encrypted emails. Go to Settings > Preferences > Encryption; Enable: message encryption and signing, message signatures verification, message decryption.   Creating PGP keys To create a new key: Go to Settings > PGP Keys; Click Create on the menu above the key information; Select between a 2948 […]

Composing emails

Sending a new email To send a new email in webmail: Click on Compose in the top left corner; Add the recipient(s), subject, content and, if you wish, attachments; Click Send. If you’re not ready to send the email immediately, click Save on the menu above the email composer. Then open the email later from the Drafts […]


Vivaldi’s webmail service contains a full fledged solution to take care of your contacts. Below we share its features: Add new contacts; Edit contacts; Delete contacts; Import contacts; Export contacts; Share contacts; Add, edit, delete a group of contacts; Sync contacts; Contacts settings; Further reading; To view your contacts in Vivaldi webmail: Log in to […]


Vivaldi’s webmail service contains a full fledged solution to display your events and synchronize your calendar. Below we share its features: Create a new event; Save emails as calendar events; Edit events; Delete events; Share events; Create a new calendar; Edit calendars; Delete a calendar; Import & export events; Sync your calendars using CalDAV; Calendar […]

Webmail filters

Filters are a good way to automatically organise your mailbox. In Vivaldi webmail you can create filters, for example, to move incoming emails to a specific folder, to reply with a predefined message or to set a flag for the email. Creating filters To create a filter: Go to Settings > Filters; Click on Create on the […]

Report spammers, phishing and other scams

In order to block spammers and other scams in Vivaldi Mail, we’ll need a copy of the email header you received. There are two ways you can find this: Option 1 – Using source code Open the email; Click on More button on the top horizontal menu; Select Show source; Copy the content in the […]