In this article you can read about working with the blog settings and tools on


You can change a number of settings from  “Your blog title” > Dashboard > Settings:

  • General – change the blog’s title and tagline, as well as language and time formatting of the blog.
  • Writing – change the default category for blog posts and the default post type (Gallery, Chat, Quote, Video, etc).
  • Reading –  edit what is displayed on your front page and how many posts are shown per page and in feeds. Here, you can also decide whether you want the feeds to display a full article or only a snippet. Another option you can decide on here is whether or not you want your blog to be indexed by search engines.
  • Discussion – change article and comment settings including how comments are moderated.
    • If you notice that your blog posts are getting spam comments, we suggest you enable the option: “Users must be registered and logged in to comment“. That way only logged in Vivaldi Community members can comment.
  • Media –  determine the maximum dimensions of images used in the blog.
  • Permalinks – alter the way blog links are generated for new posts and pages.


From “Your blog title” > Dashboard > Tools you can:

  • Import and Export content to and from your other blogs.
  • Delete your blog.
If you delete your blog, it cannot be restored and you won’t be able to create another blog with that account or URL.

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