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Import and export browser data

Desktop browser / Tools

To import data from a Vivaldi on another device, we recommend using the browser’s Sync feature. Continue reading to learn how to import data from other browser and from files on your computer, including alternative ways to transfer data between Vivaldi browsers. Import Bookmarks To import Bookmarks from another browser on the same computer or […]

Troubleshooting issues on Android

Android browser / Troubleshooting and reporting issues

When you encounter an issue and you’re trying to determine whether you can fix it yourself or need to report a bug, follow the steps below. Remember that in many cases it’s important to reload the web page for any changes to take effect. Restart the app Sometimes the simplest things help, so exit the […]

Add and Manage Feeds

Mail / Feeds

What are Feeds? Feeds are a good way to consume frequently updated web content in a simple format from a single location, the feed reader. The types of content published via newsfeeds include news, blogs, podcasts, forum discussions and more. Depending on the website, you may see the full content in the feed reader or […]

Delete browsing data

Desktop browser / Tools

Delete all browsing data First, open the data deletion dialog using one of the following options: Go to Vivaldi menu > Tools > Delete Browsing Data. In the History Manager click on Clear Browsing Data in the top right corner. Type “Delete Browsing Data” in Quick Commands. Use the Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + Shift + […]

Tracker and Ad Blocker

Android browser / Privacy and Security

In addition to Vivaldi not tracking you, we protect you from web trackers and give you the option to block ads. Tracker blocker Tracker blocker prevents ubiquitous web trackers from following you around the web and from gathering personal data about you. When the feature is enabled, trackers are blocked by relying on lists of […]

Block Trackers and Ads

Desktop browser / Privacy and Security

In addition to not tracking you, Vivaldi can protect your browsing experience from web trackers and ads. Tracker blocker Tracker blocker prevents ubiquitous web trackers from following you around the web and from gathering personal data about you. When the feature is enabled, trackers are blocked by relying on lists of well-known tracker URLs and […]

Website permissions

Desktop browser / Privacy and Security

Permissions in Vivaldi Only a few are allowed by default, some are blocked outright, and as for the rest, your permission will be asked every time a new site wants access to any of the options listed above. Changing website permissions globally To review and update websites permissions for all websites: Changing website permissions per […]

History on Android

Android browser / Tools

View a list of websites you’ve visited in Vivaldi’s History Panel. History Panel Open the History Panel by tapping on the Panel button on the left side of the bottom toolbar and swiping to the second Panel. Alternatively, tap on the  History option on the bottom toolbar. The websites will be listed chronologically in descending […]

Privacy and Security Settings

Desktop browser / Privacy and Security

Vivaldi’s privacy and security settings give you solid control to safeguard your private data. By default, each setting has either been enabled or disabled based on what we believe is in our users best interest, but you’ll of course have the option to toggle each setting in Settings > Privacy and Security. Google Phishing and […]

User Profiles

Desktop browser / Tools

User profiles allow multiple “users” to share one Vivaldi installation, without requiring you to log in to a different operating system user account, or maintain multiple Standalone installations. Each profile can have a different set of Extensions, Bookmarks, Speed Dials, Cookies, History, etc.  In addition, each profile can have its own look and configuration (Keyboard Shortcuts, […]

Cookies sync or not


Facebook blocks my account because they claim that I login "from a browser, device or location [I] don't usually use". That's not true. I think they say that because I recently deleted my cookies. To gain my access back I need to loging from another device that I used in the past to login. I [...]

By cedricdes

Can't unblock cookies

Vivaldi for Windows

When blocking a cookie using this dialog box, the blocked cookie doesn't move over onto the "Blocked" tab, and I can't find any other way of unblocking it through settings. I've inadvertently blocked a cookie from a website that I really need to use, and can't unblock it, making the site unusable!

By antongijsen

Cookies no longer editable

Vivaldi for Windows

Ever since the 5.1 update I'm unable to edit cookies in the developer console. The field turns red but the value just stays what it was when reloading it. EDIT: After searching more this seems to be a chrome 98 issue that recently popped up.

By Prom

Session-only cookies means...

Vivaldi for Windows

I want to allow all cookies, but then have Vivaldi delete them all whenever I close the browser. This is what "Session-only" option does, correct? And how do I add exceptions to this list, if I want to keep cookies from certain websites?

By paulri

Why cookies gets blocked?

Vivaldi for Windows

is there any reason why with settings "accept all cookies" for both standard ones and 3rd party, site gets blocked? I even ERASED ALL MY COOKIES for troubleshooting, but site still popups "1 cookie got blocked" and it won't load without them

By Qbi-Wan

Managing individual cookies?

Vivaldi for Windows

I migrated from Win 7 to Win 11 recently and missed the feature in up-to-date version of Vivaldi (6.5.3206.53) - managing individual cookies via Site Info panel. Previously I could select Site Info -> Cookies and data -> selecting domain -> delete only specific cookie. Now looks like Vivaldi allow me only delete all cookies [...]


Cookies in incognito are saved

Vivaldi for Windows

After last update if I open a page in an incognito windows, the cookies (of the websites opened in incognito) are saved into not-incognito vivaldi, that wasn't like that before.

By gabrasca

Cookies aren't always deleted


Hi! I was tipped off on Twitter that not all cookies are always deleted in Vivaldi. Here I tested on a macOS in a fresh profile. In a first tab, go to vivaldi://settings/siteData and make sure there are no saved cookies. In a second tab, open Reload the first tab (settings) to see all [...]

By privacytests

How to delete individual cookies

Vivaldi for macOS

It seems to me that I used to be able to delete individual cookies by displaying a list of all my stored cookies. How do I do that?

By BartinVA

Delete cookies after xx days?

Vivaldi for Android

Is it possible to configure Vivaldi to delete cookies which are set xx days ago? I would like cookies on websites I rarely use to just disappear by themselves, to limit tracking.

By toman