To search for a specific term or phrase on a webpage, use the browser’s Find in Page feature.

Find in page search bar

To search a webpage in Vivaldi:

  • Open the search field:
    • with a Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl / Cmd + F;
    • by going to the Vivaldi menu button menu (on Windows and Linux) > Edit > Find in Page;
    • by opening Quick Commands and typing ‘Find in page‘;
    • by using a Mouse Gesture. The gesture needs to be created first in Settings > Mouse Gestures > Gesture Mapping.
  • A search field will open on top of the webpage and below the Address Bar;
  • Enter the search term and press Enter;
  • To navigate between the results, use:
    • arrow buttons next to the search field;
    • Keyboard Shortcuts Enter or F3 to move to the next search result and Shift + F3 to move to the previous result.
    • Quick Commands by typing ‘Find Next in Page’ and ‘Find Previous in Page’;
    • Mouse Gestures you’ve created for the actions.

If the focused search result (orange background) is a link, it can be opened instantly using Ctrl + Enter.

To close the search field, click the Delete button Close button on the Find in Page bar or press Esc.

A website with Find in Page being used to search through content

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