HTML5 “proprietary” audio and video includes all media types that are patented, such as MP4 (H.264/AAC). Under Linux, Vivaldi requires a suitable, third-party support file to play these.

Testing support

To test video support, load this page. The first video makes use of proprietary audio and video. If it does not play, a suitable, third-party support file has not been installed.


Installing proprietary media support

To correct this situation, start Vivaldi from a “Terminal” using the command vivaldi. The output printed on the terminal will include steps on how to install a support file.

The output provided will be tailored to the version of Vivaldi you run, and take into account your distribution and architecture.

If you are running a version of Vivaldi that is older than 2.2, upgrade first.



If no installation steps are displayed (when running Vivaldi 2.2+) and the H.264/MP4 video from the test page will not play, issue the following to create a log file that will help us determine what went wrong:

bash -x /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi 2>&1 | sed '/^+ exec -a/q' > /tmp/vivaldi-startup.log

Next, log a bug report stating that you run Linux and cannot play proprietary media and we will send you an email. You can reply to this email with “vivaldi-startup.log” attached.