Your account on gives you access to:

Before you delete the account, you might want to export some of the account data.

To delete your Vivaldi account:

  • Log in on and go to your profile (top right corner);
  • Click on ‘Delete account’ in the lower half of the profile page (next to ‘Change password’ and ‘Export data’);
  • If you’re certain that you want to delete the account, click on ‘Yes, delete my account’;

  • An email is sent to your account’s recovery email address, so head on to that mailbox and open the link sent in the email;
  • Confirm your decision by entering your account’s password.

Confirm account deletion by entering the password


Please note that after the password has been entered and submitted, there’s no option to restore the account and its data.

If you are deleting your account in order to sign up with a different username, you may need to wait a little bit before signing up again, as it may take some time to delete the data from all our databases.

If you are happy with the username but wish to have a different recovery email address, don’t delete the account. Instead, send us a message on stating your:

  • username,
  • current recovery email,
  • the email address you wish to link your account with,

and we’ll update the email for you. 🙂

If you no longer have access to the recovery email or have trouble deleting the account, please send us a message on and we’ll do our best to help you.

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