This article is for advanced user: be aware that by following its implementation you will loose ALL your data (Vivaldi notes, bookmarks, etc) and settings (cache, history, themes, etc).

In case you want to pursue and fully reset Vivaldi, make a back up of your computer data first.

How to Reset Vivaldi settings

  1. Open vivaldi://about
  2. Make a note of the directory listed under *Profile Path:*, minus *Default*.
  3. Close Vivaldi.
  4. Open a system window (Finder or Explorer)
  5. Search for Vivaldi folder following the path you noted above
    (in Mac for example it’s ~/Library/Application Support/).
  6. Delete the entire Vivaldi folder.
  7. Restart Vivaldi.

If the steps are completed successfully, the Welcome screen (see below) is presented on restart.

Vivaldi Welcome Screen

Back up some Vivaldi information

Back up some parts of Vivaldi such as preferences, profile and settings. Most of the key components are stored within the “Default” folder, though you should also retain the “First Run” file stored alongside it. Deleting this file will make Vivaldi assume it is starting for the first time.

Overview of Vivaldi's folders

The following explains some key information stored under the Default folder:

Bookmarks: This contains bookmarks and Speed Dials information.

Notes: This contains notes information.

Sessions: This contains saved tabs sessions.

Login Data: This contains website passwords. Note: This file is encrypted and is only usable on the machine that created it.

Preferences and Local App Settings\mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli: This contains Vivaldi settings and configurations.

Web Data: This contains autofill data.

Current Session: This contains data on open tabs.

Top Sites: This contains thumbnails.

History: This contains website history.

Cookies: Website data.

Extension Rules, Extension State, Extensions, Local Extension Settings, Local Storage, Managed Extension Storage, Extension Cookies and Secure Preferences: All extension preferences and extension data are stored here.

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