Report crashes on Linux

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A “crash” occurs when Vivaldi encounters an unrecoverable error and shuts down unexpectedly or a tab’s contents disappear and are replaced with a “dead bird” image.

Reporting crashes

To report a crash on Linux, create a bug report and describe the crash. Especially useful are detailed steps that we can follow in order to reproduce the bug on our side. Make sure to give a valid contact email we can reach you on, as we may need more information or ask you to perform some tests for us, to help us better understand the issue.

Make sure the crash happens on the latest version of Vivaldi. If you’re not on the latest version, please update the browser and test the issue again.

Capturing Crash logs

If you are an advanced user, then you might want to attempt to capture a backtrace (crash log). This greatly assists the developers in understanding an issue. Particularly if we cannot reproduce it ourselves. To capture a backtrace you will first need to install a debug binary.

Install a debug binary

  1. Go to vivaldi://about and note architecture listed within the “User Agent” section (i.e. x86_64, i686, armv7l or aarch64).
  2. Download a suitable Vivaldi debug binary (adjust the architecture if needed):
  3. Uncompress the debug binary:
    gzip vivaldi-latest-*
  4. Install the debug binary:
    sudo install -m755 vivaldi-latest-*-debug /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi-debug

Recording a backtrace for a full UI crash

To capture a crash in our UI (full browser crash) issue the following in a terminal window to start Vivaldi under the GDB (GNU Project Debugger)

gdb -ex run --args /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi-debug

Now repeat the procedure that you usually use to crash the browser. Once Vivaldi has crashed you can issue the following in the GDB console to obtain a backtrace of the crash


Copy the entire backtrace to your clipboard, paste it into an editor, to save it as text document.

To exit GDB issue the following:


Snapshot users will need to adjust the download URL, replacing “latest” with the full version number—go to vivaldi://about to find this.

Additionally change all references of “/opt/vivaldi/” to “/opt/vivaldi-snaphot/” and add “--user-data-dir="$HOME/.config/vivaldi-snapshot"” to the end of the gdb launch command.

Capturing tab crashes is more involved. The process for which is outlined in this external gist.

Submitting Vivaldi crash logs

After logging a bug report you will then be sent an confirmation email. Simply reply to this with your crash log(s) as an attachment. Such logs are greatly appreciated; they provide us with information as to exactly where in the code things went wrong.

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