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We build Vivaldi with the needs of our sizeable community in mind. If you have an idea for a feature you’d like to see in the browser, let us know on the Forum!

Searching for existing feature requests

To collect all votes under one post and limit the number of duplicate requests, please look for other feature requests, before posting your own.

  • Login to the forum and go to the  Desktop Feature Request category or Android Feature Request Category.
  • To search for a feature, click on the Search for feature request button in the top right of the feature requests page. Alternatively:
    • Click on the Search button in the top blue menu bar;
    • Enter the search term;
    • In Advanced Search select the Feature Requests for Desktop / Android category;
    • Check the box for Search child categories to include subcategories and the Archive.
  • Upvote features you like by clicking the “thumbs up” button.
Forum upvoting button

Posting a new feature request

  • If the feature hasn’t been requested, start a new topic. Post only one feature request per topic.
  • If possible, post in the relevant subcategory. Admins and moderators may move your post, if they feel there’s a better location for your request. You can see all your posts on your profile.
  • Choose a clear and concise title for the topic and describe the feature in more detail in the body of the post.
  • Duplicate feature requests will be tagged as such and moved to Archive.
  • Discuss requested features under each post.
  • Check tags such as “Done”, “In progress”, “Pipeline”, “Duplicate” and “Will not do” for the status of requested features.
  • Feature requests can be sorted by “Newest to Oldest”, “Oldest to newest”, “Most posts (most discussed)” and “Most votes”.
  • Offensive language and ALL CAPS posts will be edited or even deleted.

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Thank you all for being part of our journey and for helping us make Vivaldi the browser you need it to be!

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