Windows on Android

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Android 12 and up supports opening multiple windows of the same app. This means that if you have a newer mobile device, you can browse with Vivaldi in multiple windows just like on desktop.

Open a new window

Multiple windows are supported better on devices with larger screens, such as tablets. To open a new window on a tablet or a phone with a width larger than 600dp:

  1. Open the Vivaldi menu.
  2. Select New Window.
Vivaldi on Android on a tablet with the main menu open and window related options highlighted.

Though not as convenient, you can open a new window on a smaller screen by following these steps:

  1. Open Vivaldi.
  2. Open your devices app switcher.
  3. Long-press on the Vivaldi logo above the app preview thumbnail to open a split-screen view.
  4. Search for Vivaldi and tap on it to open a new window in the other half of the split screen.
  5. Exit split screen view, for example, by swiping the divider all the way up or down the screen.

When checking the app switcher, you’ll see Vivaldi listed twice or more, if you’ve opened even more windows.

Switch windows

To switch windows:

  1. Open the Vivaldi Menu.
  2. Select Manage Windows.
  3. Select the window you want to focus on.

Move a tab to another window

To move a tab you have open in one window to another window:

  1. If there’s none open already, open a new window.
  2. Open the tab you want to move.
  3. Open the Vivaldi Menu.
  4. Select Move to other window.

Close windows

To close the non-active window:

  1. Open the Vivaldi Menu.
  2. Select Manage Windows.
  3. Tap on the 3 dot menu on the right side
  4. Select Close window.