Downloads are added and managed through the Download Panel.

Where can I find the download panel?

  • Click the Download Panel button, or
  • Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl-J / ⌥⌘ L.

How are downloaded files organized in download panel?

  • All downloaded files are listed chronologically with file name and size.
  • Find the newest downloaded files at the top of the panel listing.
  • Search for any previously downloaded file in the search field at the top panel toolbar.

Download Panel

How to restart an unfinished downloading file?

  1. Select the unfinished downloaded file in the list.
  2. Click the panel-delete-button Restart button located next to the search input field.

How to manage downloads?

panel-add-button Stop a file download in progress
panel-add-button Resume selected download
panel-folder-button Remove selected download
panel-delete-button Clear list of inactive downloads
panel-delete-button Restart the selected download

Where do I set the folder path for downloaded files?

Go to Settings > Downloads.

Screenshot of download settings in Vivaldi