Having trouble syncing your data?

If you’ve entered your credentials and hit Start Sync but the browser is not able to connect, the browser will continually attempt to connect to Vivaldi’s sync servers.
Often logging out of the account and in again helps.
If Sync has not been able to establish a connection for more than 6 hours, please submit a bug report with the following info:

  • username of the account you tried to sync,
  • error message shown (if any),
  • a screenshot of vivaldi://sync-internals and the Sync settings page on vivaldi://settings/sync/ can help*; (you can use Vivaldi’s Screen Capture Tool to take the screenshot).
    Alternatively, click on Dump Status on vivaldi://sync-internals and send us the content that appears in a small box below the button.
  • time when it happened,
  • detailed steps to reproduce the issue (basically where did sync fail?).

* Send screenshots as attachments in a reply email to the bug tracker email you receive after submitting the bug report.

Remote sessions don’t show up on synced computers?

This could happen, for example, when you’ve manually copied the profile from one Vivaldi to another and then use Sync.

To fix it:

  • Open vivaldi://about and follow the Profile Path to the Default folder.
  • Close the browser.
  • Open the Preferences file.
  • Search for cache_guid and session_sync_guid and change a letter in these GUIDs. Don’t change the == symbols at the end.
    For example: "session_sync_guid":"session_synckqt9eRVoaHbyEH/lVV1exA==" >>> "session_sync_guid":"session_synckqt9eRVoaHbyEH/lVV1exB=="
  • Save the file and restart the browser.

If Remote Sessions still aren’t accessible, submit a bug report as instructed above.


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